Sunday, 27 January 2008

Smoked Salmon

I received a special package JUST for me from Ernest.

What is it dad? Hurry up and OPEN it

Smoked Salmon, my favourite....

Salmon? What Salmon???

Friday, 25 January 2008

The Magician's Nephew - erm - Assistant

So there's me minding my own business, and TDF reads a book about magic tricks...

"Oh QqqqqqqBbbbbbbbb, come here, sit", you all know the routine, I think I'm about to become the butt of some joke...

Now you see it....

Now you don't...

Ooh! That was quite good.

Yerrrk - I'm choking!!!

Get it out!!!

Thanks TDF, you saved my life with that Heimlich maneuver

Don't do that again.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Hang on a sec!

I think that Santa Claws bloke has got it all wrong.

Tealeaf (who is titchy) has a fandabyloso big dog toy reindeer-in-a-rope-ring....

And all I got was these teensy little puppy bone toy..

Do you think there has been a mix up??

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Yup, still here

Meggie here. There I was - sleeping off my christmas turkey (as you can imagine it needed a LOT of sleeping off):

and look what turned up...

It's a yummy smelling package from Ernest all the way across the puddle.

There were Toys in it, but at my age I'm not really interested in such things

So I'll let the younger ones have those...

I ask you, what's the point of chasing when food is brought to you in bed???

Apparently though I have to share these yummy tasting Washington apple and thyme bisquits... bummer.

And the DogFather assures me he is only guarding my Alaskan smoked salmon from the other dogs, and he will not eat ANY of it.

More to follow...

Sunday, 6 January 2008

So just what IS a new year ?

I'm trying to figure out quite what this "New Year" thing is all about.

The closest I can see is that DF and the Alpha Bitch run around the house in their dressing gowns and SILLY SLIPPERS all day, with (cough cough) "Orange Juice" in tall glasses.

It doesn't look much like Orange Juice to me.

I'm given to believe that you have to make "New Year's Resolutions", and then break them really really quickly.


Here's our New Year Resolutions.


"I am not going to run away from the hoover, I am a big brave dog."

Clee Pees

"I am not going to snatch when getting cheesy pills, or even hammy pills."


"I am not going to put my feet up on the furniture."


"I will let Alpha B cut my claws, it doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt."

Meggie Moo

"I shall share the paella dish with the others when cleaning up (but they'll NEVER get the Steak Pie Dish, or the Apple Crumble Plate)."

So there you have it - the Tigh Gadhar New Year Resolutions - I don't think it will take too long to break them.

Happy New Year from everyone at Tigh Gadhar.