Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Did i mention we went camping????

just thought i would let you all know i went camping and survived (it was a while ago, and i am over the trauma now). The others went camping too, but they were only copying me.

i stayed in something called a T.E.N.T which is kind of like a mobile house, except colder and noisier in the wind.

When Alpha B got up, those naughty boy dogs snuck into her sleeping bag:

The DogFather is only pretendin' to be asleep so as not to need to cook brekkie.

i was a good girl.... (this might be something to do with the fact that i got pyjamas, and those pesky boys just had to suffer, har har har).

Then the DogFather got found out and had to cook breakfast outside har har har, and i hope those sausages are for me:

Then we went for looooooooooooooooooooong walks on the beaches and i just had to eat Ducu:

So what's it all about? No idea, i just eat Ducu:

bye bye 4 now