Sunday, 9 November 2008

Rememberence Sunday

We started this blog for enjoyment, to remind ourselves and others how much fun living with a pack of dogs can be.

We stopped blogging actively when Boots was very ill early this year, and fully expected that by the end of the year we would have lost both Boots and Megan. How wrong could we be.

Loosing Meg was not a surprise, except maybe that it came years later than expected. The day after Meg left us, KuBrin pulled up short limping and hobbled home.

Two weeks later to the day, xrays showed us that there was no hope for him either, and we said goodbye. It was a terrible shock.

The day after KuBrin left us, Cleo stumbled and fell in the house. We though she'd just knocked her leg. The next three months, we saw her health decline rapidly, and after many vet visits the prognosis was not good. She rallied twice and gave us more good days than we could have hoped for.

As the clocks rolled back and an unseasonably early snowfall dusted the ground, we said our final farewells to Cleo as well.

It's not been a good year. Perhaps sometime we'll feel like blogging again, but right now we've not the heart for it.