Tuesday, 23 October 2007

He's definitely gone loopy !

As you all know, the mummy - or alpha bitch as she prefers to be called, is AWAY.

We think that the Dogfather has gone a bit potty really.
He had just got out of the bath and spotted this...

... then ran around the house muttering about Friday - dunno why, cause it's only Tuesday.

So anyroadup, just to pass the time we're playing king of the castle.

There is no amount of appeasment going to make me give up my spot.


I'm the King of the Castle!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

TangoLeader to AbleBaker 1, over...

This is TangoLeader, reporting incog-neat-o.

DopeyFlatcap1 has been 'coping' in his double-blind solo assignment, but only with MUCH assistance from the TEAM.

Empress1 has been 'bluffing' that everything is A-OK and she does nothing unusual to alert DF1 that you are away. She has been nicking cutlery from the dish-o-wash-o-matic, and nearly had it away on her paws with a saucepan.

Oh, how we laughed.

DF1 was so distracted that he did not realise he had cooked and eaten and washed up without even NOTICING that you were not here. He had Calamari for dinner - we helped him cook it.

I expect he will die of food poisoning, you may need to abort your mission and come home early, we shall try not to eat his eyeballs, over.

BlackWagger1 has taken up sentry duty in the washroom, and surreptitiously coughs when DF1 looks to be mixing the reds with the blues!

So far nothing has caught fire. BlackWagger1 seems to have taken to cleaning our beds himself, I may need to have a word in his 'shell-like'.

I have taken it upon myself to get DF1 to throw his toys out of the pram - erm, I meant - around the room...

This seems to distract him quite well.

CharliePiddler has gotten bored of the whole proceedings, over.

We may need a new tact to bring her back as a TEAM player.
She could be looked over for promotion once this sortie is over, over!

Thought it best to keep your status on a 'need-to-know' basis.

You'll NEVER guess... He doesn't know EITHER - the twonk!

Any other thoughts on how to keep DF1 amused?

TangoLeader, out.

PS. People are catching on that my fundraiser is a once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-be-repeated, super-duper, double-bonio-and-cheese nice thing to do.

(See menu on left column - if you order your postcard using your 'Northern Rock' credit card, you may get the 'bent one' ok ?)

Thursday, 11 October 2007

A little fundraiser for dogs in need....

(human dog blog hijack alert!)

I (AlphaB, "mum" to the skinny ugly mutant dogs, Boots, Cleo, Tealeaf, Megan & KuBrin) am about to go away to the Falkland Islands to visit General Jackson the Basset Hound.

Anyway... I had a little thought. If any of you dog bloggers out there in dog blogger land fancy receiving a post card from the southernmost capital in the world (Stanley), I will send you one if you make a donation to my favourite dog rescue.

I don't mind how much, just whatever you can spare to help them in their tireless work for dogs less fortunate.

If you are interested, email me your postal address and tell me
a) who you'd like the card addressed to (you, the dog, the kitchen sink, the wolfie-wrecked oven)
b) If you'd prefer a wildlife, Stanley or scenery shot (obviously depending on what I can get).

My chosen rescue IS: Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue.
EGLR is where Cleo, Tealeaf and Megan all came from, plus our bridge-dogs Myrtle & Hobo.

They are short of funds this year because they had to cancel their main summer show on account of our lovely English floods.

Anything you can spare will be gratefully received.

To make a donation click on the DONATE button on the bottom of the left hand menu, you can choose your amount on the form. The currency is set to British Pounds, Paypal will work out the conversion for you. Any problems let me know :-)

To email me.. use "crowsplitter -at- gmail . com" without the spaces, and put @ instead of -at-.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The Many Names of the BIG Dog.

I have been tagged by Mollie to tell you all my nicknames. Mollie is a short friend, almost a dwarf, but not wrinkly. Actually I think she's quite cute, and since she can sleep on the computer table I'm quite jealous. I must try that.

Anyway, My REAL name is KuBrin Kaos Jamieson, but for some reason I don't get called that very often.

I get called:
Dinosaur Dog (now what's THAT about)
Dog Mountain
Bigdog (clever huh?)
Home-wrecker (it was ONE LITTLE oven , get over it ok?)

I don't deserve this... I am a proper regal elegant poised and agile wolfie...

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

oh no, she's going to start flashing again

AlphaB is pants, she broke her camera and stopped us from updating our blog regularly. How pants is that?

Well - our respite from the flashgun is over, she has a new camera and has been plaguing us with it for the last couple of days. It's like the damned paparazzi all over again.

I was just minding my own business:

Leafo was trying to get some shut eye:

Cleo was caught mid nose-lick:

No-one is safe, not EVEN in the car:

This is what Meg thinks of it all:

The good news is that she will be taking her new camera away with her for two whole weeks this weekend, so us lurchers and the DogFather will be living it up.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

I pah on your pig's ears.

Don't think I have not noticed that Meggie Deerhound is munching her way through 16 pig's ears and not sharing them with ANYONE.

I however, am beautiful, and this is the present I got for my gotcha day.....

You can keep your smelly pig's ears.

(unless of course, there just happens to be one going spare?)