Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Improvised pln.

My dad was actually HOME last night, but he showed the usual signs this morning of sneaking out without my permission, the suit, the case, the spare undies.

My cunning pln re burying the car is still at the plnning stage, so I had to do some improvisation this morning.

I lay on his laptop case.

It worked for 5 minutes. But he still left. I need a new pln.

Monday, 30 July 2007

How to be a lapdog...

Snuggle up (with optional snog)...

... and smoulder baby, SMOULDER !!!

OK, my turn now...

Got the snog bit 'down pat'...


Well, I wanted to be a lapdog but there was no room left on the lap.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Duracell Batteries

I think I may have blown the "I'm too frail you need to deliver my treats to my bed" trick. Possibly the pogoing for dinner gave it away. Or maybe my agility at jumping onto the sofa to steal food....

I wonder what I need to do to get my people to do what Prince's dad has done, he gave up work to stay home full time to take care of Prince who is poorly. I need a human like that.

I had to go visit the V.E.T on saturday for a prescription checkup. There was a very nice new lady vet who was astonished when AlphaB told her how old I was.

The rescue I came from are utterly amazed.

My humans are just plane chuffed to bits.

By the way, I'm feeling quite frisky and rejuvenated at the moment. Do you think it's the duracell batteries?

Snogs to all those boy dogs out there,

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wet paws

I don't BELIEVE it!

AlphaB took us for a walk this evening, or should I say a "wade". She decided she wanted to see exactly how bad the flooding was in the river meadows near us.


Stupid human.

We waded across a little bridge where the water was up to the top of her wellies. Top of her wellies is NOTHING for her. It was up to our TUMMIES. We could have DROWNED!! Let's just be grateful we are not Bassets, Corgadors or other height challenged dogs.

Tealeaf slipped his collar and ran away, but then decided he did not want to be left behind and braved the torrents.

That wolfie boy thought it was all great fun and gallivanted around all through the wet bits, us poor lurchers just had to suffer in silence.

Anyway we managed to get home all soggy and tired and have ensconced ourselves on the sofa, and we are NOT budging.

Unfortunately AlphaB did not have the camera with her so we can't show you just what torture she put us through, but one of our normal walks looks like this:

And here's me hightailing it to dry land:

"get me OUT of here!!"

Doobie doobie dooo

Get out your best 'Frank Sinatra', 'Andy Williams' or 'Matt Monro' voice:
Clear your thoat...
1, 2, 3 annnddddd...

Doobie doobie doobie doobie

(do you hear the violins coming in?)

Doobie doobie doobie doobie

(they are working themselves up)

Doobie doobie doobie doobieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(to a crescendo of an emotional climax
that has angels weeping in despair cause
they can't get it on high def DVD)






I think there's going to be extra rations of Rimadyl going round tonight.

Monday, 23 July 2007

8 Random facts about ME!

Our 2 legged friend Jabber63 tagged TDF to tell you 8 things about himself, but he's far too boring, so as lurcher representative I am going to do this myself. Besides, this is "Blogs From The Dogs" !

1) I was found in a rubbish skip at two months, and one week later was on death row before the peeps at EGLR rescued me.

2) As a rescue pup I had such a heavy worm infection I was treated with 4 adult doses all in a row before I got better.

3) I am the only lurcher who can sneak upstairs onto the bed with the humans undetected.

4) I love playing with puppies. Actually I love playing with ANYONE.

5) I am an ace catcher.

6) I love winding up Cleo.
(I REALLY do, so much so that my middle name is "Are-you-annoyed-yet?")

7) I am a champion fox poo roller.

8) I am not a qualified plumber. But I can empty the bin, and blame others.

Sooooo, NOW you know what a lurcher is ;-)

Ciao for now,


Sunday, 22 July 2007

Us Lurchers do NOT like to get wet

Those of you keeping an eye on the news will know that we have been inundated with rain recently. So much so that there were floods in the garden and everywhere else around. Us dogs barked when the trees blew down and the dog toys in the garden washed up to the back door, but fortunately we kept our paws dry.

That was Friday and on Saturday things looked a little brighter, so the humans decided to drag us out for a walk. But their weather sense is rubbish, as we walked over the hills the skies opened, and we had to shelter under a tree.

As you can see - I was NOT impressed

> Then we had to trudge home, in the rain, and the thunder, and the lightning.
Even the Dogfather got soaked, and he was not impressed, though AlphaB thought it was funny (she has a strange sense of humour)

As we walked home we were treated to a small ray of sunshine:

I'm happy to say Sunday has been MUCH brighter.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Are YOU boofin' at ME ???

Now THAT was a turn-up for the books.

We have had torrential rain here today, and we didn't hear the Dogfather drive up much sooner than expected - 'they' must have let him out early for good behaviour.

Before I could even get my best boofing paws out, HE - BOOFED - ME !!!

The ignominy of it all - I am KuBrin (aka QB) - one who Boofs, the Boofer, NOT the Boofee.

WOT am I to do ?

Am I forever to be remembered as 'QB the Boofee' ? ? ?

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

I am forming a NEW pln!


That didn't work too well - the dogfather stayed here one night and then went off again - this time holding his wallet in his hand.

I wonder...

if we could try...

to hide...

the CAR.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

I have a pln!

My daddie has been going away toooo much lately, so I came up with a pln.

I sneekie went an munched his wallet off the kitchen counter (while checking for toast & marmalade etc). And only hid it in my bed.

Meanwhile, HE goes and gets in his car and drives off and goes to work for the week - only to find he can't buy petrol, or food or coffee or nuthin (since there is only 64p in the car).

He came home.

I boofed him.

The end.



Sunday, 15 July 2007

Pearly Whites (Smiles to you's folks)

Well blimey,
Finnegan laid down a challenge - he wanted to see us all smiling... Phew - it's taken a while, but here you are :

Here's Bootsie smiling whilst running around at Old Wardor Castle.

This is Brandy - Mr The Dog, to you - smiling whilst making a snowman out of thedogfather.

This is Chewie (he was a foster)

Can't imagine why Cleo is smiling here.

Foster Freddie is just shameless - we think he had his shame gland removed!

The one and only Hobo

And again at Lucy's birthday party (Hi Ali and Big G!)

Meg being a bit coy really (SO not like her)

Prancing ? At your age ???

Nothing makes Meggie smile more than having boys at her feet.

Poppy smiling in the shade, and in her own private pool

No WONDER he's not smiling (Twonk)

I am the king of the pearly gnashers.

Here's me again...

Ciao for now, chums

Monday, 9 July 2007

Hot dogs at the weekend

Hey everyone, KuBrin here.

Well my dad DID come home again on friday so I gave him a suitable KuBrin greeting, but don't worry - I'm sure the bruises won't show under his shirt when he is at work.

And believe it or not, it actually DID NOT rain this weekend. In fact is was quite warm.

As ordered by one of the wrinkly dwarfs, Ernesto, I managed to keep hydrated.

For some strange reason the rest of the SUMDs run away from the hose... but I LOVE it.

Saturday, 7 July 2007


Here I am at the ripe old age of 15 and I have only just discovered a magical drink that humans enjoy. Coffee. Not just any old coffee but strong, black coffee like AlphaB drinks.

I was trying to share her breakfast, but she was feeling mean so I let her have a full on dog snog with me on the sofa, and while this was going on I accidentally happened to stick my nose in her mug. (The ceramic one, not the ugly one)

I can't BELIEVE you people have been keeping this stuff to yourselves for all these years. You ROTTERS.

It's yummy, I think I'll have some more....

Oh yes, coffee in my beard, the boys will love me.

I wonder what else they have been keeping from me?

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Seven Stacks of Lurchers

Morning all, hope all our stateside friends had a good holiday yesterday and are not suffering too much this morning.

KuBrin is much better and thanks you all for the well wishes.

Some time ago Pippadog tagged us to tell you seven things about ourselves and so far we've failed!

Also, on several occasions, the famous Wally the Corgador (he of short legs and frosty paw) has asked us if we stack.

Well - here are seven stacks, squashes, slides and stockpiles of lurchers, just to prove a point. (Pippa - please note how often we have to share our sofas, it's an outrage!)

1. Stacking on guests

(if you look carefully at this picture you will see a laptop on the right which has on the screen a live webcam pic pointing at the OTHER sofa, on it are KuBrin, the Dogfather and AlphaB).

2. Stacking on stolen fleeces

3. Stockpiling for wine

4. Stacking on AlphaB

5. Squashing up for warmth

6. Stacking on AlphaB again

7. Sliding into a dog bed with the Dogfather

And lastly, there is always room for a little general .