Monday, 26 January 2009


I cannot begin to express how the last six months have been for us. So I won't try.

I can still see Meg bursting into the loo asking for hugs at inopportune moments, I can still feel the impact of the outstretched paw in the eye when she rolled over to beg for tummy rubs. I can still hear the clatter of her dog tags as she washed out the bowls after ever meal.

I can still feel KuBrin pressing his head into my chest asking for hugs. I can still see him resting his head on Brian's shoulder when he was driving. I can still picture his ecstatic "happy dance" when one of us came in the door.

I can hear the sound of Cleo's paws on the hard floor, and picture her mid air 120 degree turn when running and playing with Tealeaf. I can feel her delicate face between my hands, and the soft velvet of her ears. I can picture her snapping at the air and doing a little "stampy dance" after food.

I can hear the "thump thump" of Boots' tail on the sofa when he heard his name, and see his prancing, wriggly "out for a walk" dance. I can see his best Dracula impression of a lopsided smile when his tummy was rubbed.

These are thing things I want to remember, not the illness, not the pain.

I miss them all. And so does Tealeaf.

So do me a favour folks, get off the computer, forget the washing and ironing, leave the paperwork to tomorrow.

Go throw a ball, have a walk, tickle a tummy, have a snuggle on the sofa. Treasure the moments and give your best friends a hug from me, please.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Bootsie - Farewell Sweetie

The original musketeer always did look good in 'wet'.

Boots came into our lives in 2001, and was our introduction to the world of the 'Skinny Ugly Mutant Dog' as General Jackson came to refer to lurchers as.

He could run like a missile, and liked nothing more than to snuggle up on the sofa with his human, a dvd, a curry and perhaps a glass of red wine. His needs were simple.

He showed many many rescue/foster/visitor dogs how to behave in the-good-ship 'Tigh Gadhar':

Cleo (who stayed), TeaLeaf (who stayed), Whiskey, Java, Jenny, Tad, Chewie, Murphy, Torren, Talisker, Brodie, Megan (the grand matriarch), Casper, Lucy, Myrtle (who stayed), KuBrin (who stayed), Hobo (who stayed), Freddie, Jura, Erin, Pukha, Duku (who stayed), Parker, Rex, Saffie, Blue, and Missy (who stayed).

He was also, in fact a drinking partner of Brandy (Kerri and Brian's first 'rescue')!

He helped Kerri and Brian celebrate their 'sixth' when:

Bootsie and Brian re-enact the storming of
Old Wardor Castle (Where young Kevin Costner filmed Robin Hood)

Boots : 1995 - 2009

Rest easy now Bootsie - that'll do.