Thursday, 31 July 2008

Some days can be unspeakable.

Today my 'hearthound' went to the bridge.

KuBrin had been sore for a few days, he had been limping and favouring his shoulder.
These are words that will strike a chill into any wolfie owner.

The x-ray showed that cancer had taken the top three inches of the bone,
and Kerri and I both knew that, for KuBrin there was only one heart shattering solution.

Goodnight my 'widdle boy'.


Thursday, 17 July 2008

Megan 1991 - 2008

Today is a heartbreaking day - Megan, who came to visit on 30th November 2002,
and decided that she quite liked the sausages has taken her final steps to the

You might remember that over a year ago she started having epileptic fits - bad
enough in any dog, but for a 15 yr old deerhound, it can only be described as

Meg will leave more than a few broken hearts - those who knew and followed her
antics here on the Dogs Blogs, and also her 'Flickr' friends.

Have a smile at some of the stories and memories she has shared with you and raise a
glass of something quite special to a dog who was quite special.

Meggie Moo, you are beyond words sweetheart.

Brian & Kerri