Saturday, 14 November 2009

There are penguins here

We have been walking lots, well, mostly running around in circles followed by the LSWD (low slung wrinkly dog (basset)) Jackson. We walk on the beach, and on the grass, and on the rocks, and on the mountains, and in the valleys. There are lots of walks.

Dog riot.

On one beach walk we met a funny thing called a penguin. Apparently it is a bird but this cannot be right as it cannot fly, instead it waddled off into the sea when we went to look at it.

Does it have a chocolate covering?

We were not allowed to chase it and it was not even covered in chocolate.



Ducu (count)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


At last, at long last, we have escaped from house arrest.

Unfortunately this meant a trip to the V.E.T. Fortunately nothing happened and we were out of there PDQ.

From the vets we drove straight to the beach and went for a monster run. In a hailstorm. We did not care about the hail but the humans are wusses decided to cut it short.

Later the weather perked up and we took the people up to Wireless Ridge for a quick romp, the views are great:
Posing on Wireless Ridge

Tiggy wanted to eat this rock, but we talked her out of it:
First day out

Then late afternoon we went to pick up the LSWD, Jackson and went back to the beach. He is a bit short and has huge ears, I'm not sure if he is really a dog.
It's the Basset Meets Lurcher moment

I guess he's ok, though he does seem to want to share our treats:
Basset & Lurcher meet.

Back into the car, all four of us together and back to the house. The LSWD has moved in with us. EEK, now we will have to share the window seat.

Bye for now

Ducu (count)

Sunday, 8 November 2009

We love mutton

Being under house arrest while all the other dogs are living it up does have some compensations.

The best one is something called Mutton Shanks. These are sold in the shops for humans, but our people buy them for us.

They are YUMMY.

Mutton is yummy

Mutton is yummy

Mutton is yummy

For some strange reason, mutton shanks always come in pairs, and as I am the skinniest of the skinny ugly mutant dogs, I always get the "extra". Mind you, when the LSWD comes home, I expect I will miss out :-(

Bye for now

Ducu (count)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Adding insult to injury.


Not ONLY does the LSWD (low slung wrinkly dog (aka Basset)) get to go out gathering, our other doggie cousin, Luca the OCD (obsessive compulsive dog (aka collie)) gets to chase dolphins on the BEACH.


Defective, I say.


Friday, 6 November 2009

Not Fair!!!

This is an outrage, while we poor skinny ugly mutant dogs are incarcerated with the naughty house, being forced to eat mutton shanks (did we mention them?) and suffering terribly:
What do you mean we are not allowed on the bed?

that BFBP (Big Fat Basset Puppy) is out gallivanting on the farm and gathering sheep:

It's just not on I tell you.
Stealing the Master's seat

When do WE get to try this?

Disgruntled Tealeaf

Thursday, 5 November 2009


We are now in Stanerly under house arrest. I'm not too sure what this means but I guess the house was bad and has to pay for it. Not sure why we are included.

Anyway it's not all bad cos there is a HUGE garden with great views and lots of GRASS.

Tealeaf thinks he is in doggy heaven:

We all spend lots of time running around and chasing:

But mostly we like to eat Ducu:
Oh well - nothing for it but to Eat Ducu

Oh, and I have a new fan club (of course). I'm just to sexy for my tummy:
I haff a new friend

Bye for now,

Tiggy zeeee

Monday, 26 October 2009

There's a boat coming in...

So we thought that we would allow the humans to write this blog entry, under supervision of course!!!

We have had a very peculiar month without the dogs. We have helped out a lot with dog rescue, so we know that dogs get very used to dealing with change (especially if the nice man has sausages!).

We've got here, we've got unpacked, we've now got the dogs back.

First sight of their cruise liner - the good ship MV Eddystone.

A Boat Coming In

Meeting Alpha B on the Quay

Meeting Alpha B

Looks like tDF has to do the driving...

Looks Like I'm Driving

TeaLeaf on dry land @ Kerri's dad's house...

TeaLeaf on Dry Land

Tiggy on dry land @ Kerri's dad's house...

Tiggy on Dry Land

There is a tradition that when you cross the equator, you are called to the court of King Neptune - General Jackson's blog told you all about it first time around.

We only have the certificates - you never know, we may get some pics sent to us if the crew get some time to send emails (the weather today has closed in, so the unloading was intensive, and there was no time for small talk).

Ducu met Neptune

Ducu Met Neptune

TeaLeaf met Neptune


and Tiggy met Neptune


Thanks, guys, for looking after the dogs for us.

kindest regards,

Kerri & Brian

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Approaching East Cove

Ship to shore (from the CAPTAIN of MV Eddystone)

Message proceeds:

Good Day,

We're still maintaining our arrival at East Cove of Monday Morning 08:00. Don't know what time that the V.E.T. has been organized for, but I'm afraid that the dogs will not be allowed off until he/she has been.

We're rolling a bit today and everyone is OK, although you can see that they're just a bit out of sorts with it. Ducu mostly. He's very clingy and wants to be beside someone all the time. Tiggy is just spending a bit more time in her bed and TeaLeaf is his usual blasé self.

They all usually have half an hour chasing Charlie around the bridge every morning but they missed out on that. They all did have their breakfast and an extra ginger snap. Haven't had to use the sea-sick medicine yet.

Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday.

Best Regards,

End Of Message

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Somewhere MORE ELSE in the south seas...

Ship to shore (from the CAPTAIN of MV Eddystone)

Message proceeds:

Good Morning.

Everyone's fine on board. Dogs are all still enjoying themselves. They are through the worst of the heat now and coped with it very well. They always have a fresh bowl of water and they've been drinking plenty.

They get regular jaunts down to the deck for a run around which they thoroughly enjoy. We are still scheduled for 26th 08:00 alongside in East Cove. Steve Clifton the Agent will keep you posted of any changes and I will also drop you a line if there is anything unforeseen.

Glad the weather is nice, hope it is the same when we get there.

All the Best


End Of Message

Somewhere ELSE in the south seas...

Ship to shore (from the CAPTAIN of MV Eddystone)

Message proceeds:

Dogs are doing really well. They all get on with each other and with Charlie the Jack Russel. They have fun playing and chasing him around the bridge.

They have all learned where the toilet facilities are so that's good for us. They get regular trips down to the main deck where they can run around a bit more but are pretty tired after that coz it's starting to get warm down there now we're around the Canaries. They've got the hang of the stairs no problem now.

All the Officers and Crew on watch enjoy their company and they also get regular visits from the engineers (but that may just be for the tab-nabs!)

tab-nabs are what navy types eat when they get an attack of the munchies @ 11 o'clock (tDF)

Don't worry, they're fine. Feel free to drop a line again. Will e-mail if we have any concerns.

Best Regards

Angus MacPherson.


End Of Message

Monday, 19 October 2009

Somewhere in the south seas...

Ship to shore....

Lurchery Belongings on the Boat

Bonio supplies, ginger snaps, and comfie beds holding out. Stop.

Best mate Charlie

Have new best mate Charlie. Stop.
He can't run very fast. Stop.
Har har har. Stop.
He has only got short legs. Stop.

You put the queen on WHAT???
"You put the Queen on WHAT???"

Didn't tell the crew that TeaLeaf was a card sharp. Stop.

Wonder if they will have their shirts on their backs when they arrive. Stop.

We might find ourselves slapped in the brig (or is that the bridge?) Stop.

The brig

We have been reliably informed that Alpha-B has even taken to shipping flat-pack lurchers !!!! Stop.

Flat pack lurcher

eeeeeeeekkkkkk! Stop.

yours cordially, Stop.

TeaLeaf (who is treading the straight and narrow! Even if it looks like it could be a plank!?!?!?!) Stop.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

I demand a recount

Hang on a sec? What is THIS???

Lurchers on the slow boat

They are deporting us!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The dogs have left the country

What did we DO? What did we SAY? Look - A big dog did it and ran away, honest!

Nope - it was Tiggy Z

Oh..... so not deporting?
Going to a new home with our humans?

HOW many miles? HOW long at sea????

Hope we have some company.

How to get Deported

"But I was only hungry, m'lud, y'ronher"

"Send her down, and her companions"

Guilty Tiggy

And that's how all our troubles began...

I mean, come ONNNNN, it was ONLY cat food!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lurchery Tour arrives in Cornwall

Cornwall!!!! our favourite place (not to be confused with Hadrian's Wall). Beaches, surf, pasties, fish'n'chips & ice-cream. YIPEEEE!!!!!

We LOVE Cornywall:
Why we love Cornwall

We were of course staying in the noisy blue house, but the humans found a nice spot in a big field near the beach to put it.
The Noisy Blue House

And there were of course, more sausages:
Breakfast Cleanup crew

and Pasties in Padstow. We love pasties.

We visited Tintagel Castle where King Arthur was born. It had HUNDREDS of steps and we were already tired before we started.
Lurchers do Tintagel Castle

But BEST of all were the beaches where we ran and ran and ran and ran and ran
Beach Bum Boyez
Water Ducu!

Until Tiggy had to lie down (she is a wuss). The Dogfather tried to bury her, she was not amused.
Burying Tiggy

I learned to swim:
Look Ma - I CAN swim

And Tiggy and I learned to JITTERBUG!
Jitterbug, baby

Do not disturb, we is tired lurchers:

It was heaven
And relax

Bye for now,
Ducu (count)

Friday, 9 October 2009

Hang on a sec????

What's all THIS about:
Uh-oh!  Something's up!

Do we need these to visit Cornwall?

Lurchery Tour hits Harefield

No Lurchery tour of Great Britain would be complete without popping over to see Jester, Daisy and Rhea. We stopped overnight, went for walks and ate. (We like eating).

Daisy only has 3 legs, apparently it helps her keep her weight down, some dogs are so vain. It also means she can run faster as she does not have to drag around that extra spare paw, she's very very fast.

Daisy and Rhea were kind enough to let me share their sofa
Anywhere I can find a sofa is good (even if I have to share)

And their treats:
Lurchery tour hits Harefield

We did not eat chinese.