Sunday, 30 September 2007

It takes a worried dog

(I am NOT going across that alone....)

(no daddy, no daddy, no daddy NO!)

and his dad, to get across a wobbly bridge....

You humans have no idea how fraught and emotionally draining that was! I'm exhausted.

(curiously I seem to manage the same bridge fine when it's just me and AlphaB and no dad.....)

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

16 Years, 16 Pigs Ears

some of our dog friends and their humans came to stay for the weekend, especially to help me celebrate my birthday.

I got, all just for myself and not to share with the other hounds, SIXTEEN pigs ears in a sack tied with a yellow ribbon, all JUST for me. One for every year. How cool is that?

Aunty Ali was just a it worried that I might not be able to manage a whole pig's ear at my age, I'd just like to set her mind at rest:

I polished off two before supper, I'd have had more but mum was being mean.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Never mind the geriatric deerhound

Today is MY gotcha day!!

6 WHOLE years ago today my mum and dad came and collected me from EGLR , and I was a very happy bunny (well... a happy dog anyway, the bunnies were probably not so happy).

I get two meals a day plus treats, I get cuddles and fusses and I get my choice of soft beds and sofas (with pillows and added sunny spots) to snooze on all day. What more could a girl want?

Well - maybe if I'm lucky a nice smelly leg stretch in the woods by the river.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Sweet 16.

Hello everyone, it's my birthday today and I am sixteen years old. My mum is a bit surprised about this, and slightly perplexed, I think it must be because she is so old and does not understand us youngsters.

Anyway - I started the day by wolfing (no pun intended) down breakfast (with added risotto) then scrumping for strawberries from the strawberry pot.

As a special surprise, Ernest's mum flew all the way from Seattle, just to see ME, and give me a medal she won. She gave me smooches, I love her.

Later mum took me for a walk by the river and I met a lion.

Then I got even more extra lamb in my dinner, and a birthday pork pie. It was yummy.

Apparently now I am 16 I can...
1) buy cigarettes or tobacco
2) leave school
3) choose my own doctor
4) claim social security benefit
5) work full time
6) leave home with my parents’ consent
7) get married with one parent’s consent
8) drink wine or beer with a meal in a restaurant
9) hold a licence to drive a moped
10) buy a ticket in the National Lottery

So, if I take him out to a nice restaurant and ply him with wine.... do you think Finnegan's mum will let me marry him? I'll even invest in a lottery ticket. Not sure about going to work though. Ir the moped, could be tricky.

I'll just lie here and dream of Finn for a bit.

It's a right laugh this 16th birthday thing, I think I will do it all week!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Is this a walk or a snooze??

Every evening we get to go for a walk, sometimes that Meggie-moo joins us, sometimes she does not. She's been feeling a bit stiff in the hips since a long walk on saturday, but decided to join us tonight.

Only trouble with that is we then don't walk far. But that's not so bad cos AlphaB took us to a HUGE field where us younger dogs zoom around like lurchers (it's cos we are lurchers).

Meggie-moo follows AlphaB around at her own pace. Something to do with knowing which pockets the bisquits are in.

Anyway, mid walk, AlphaB decides to lie down, in the grass. Dopey moo, do you think her hips are sore too? She's 287 in dog years, positively ancient.

So she gets US to lie down with here... what's all that about?

You won't find me joining in with THAT.

This one is just for Finn.

Monday, 10 September 2007



(see the rabbit?)

I may not be the youngest lurcher in the pack, nor the quickest off the mark... but I get there in the end!

Update - Teddy is home!

Teddy has been found

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Missing lurcher

We interrupt this blog to ask anyone in the Southampton area to keep a lookout for Teddy

(click on his name for a link to the missing poster, please feel free to print out, distribute, and spread the word).

If it was one of ours I know we'd be beside ourselves.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Just for Finnegan

My boyfriend Finn tagged me today.

(Just for you Finn!)

It was dead tricky - but I managed.....

My Name: Megan
1. Famous Singer : ME (you should hear me in the car)
2. Four letter word: Mine!
3. Street: Maiden Lane (it's in London, and I am a sweet innocent girl)
4. Colour: Mauve... I look good in purple
5. Gifts/Presents: Munchies...
6. Vehicle: Mini (A British classic - much like myself)
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Mugs!
8. Boy Name: Murphy
9. Girl Name: Myrtle (bless her cotton socks)
10. Movie Title: Men In Black (I like Men, the colour of the clothes is irrelevant)
11. Drink: Martini (shaken not stirred)
12. Occupation: Magician ( how DID you think I look so good at my age)
13. Celebrity: Ewan McGregor. Well, he's Scottish.
14. Magazine: Modern Dog. Well - I am one.
15. U.S. City: Myrtle Beach
16. Pro Sport: whats one of them?
17. Fruit: Melon, I like a Wally-melon.
18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Me? Go to work? Don't be daft.
19. Something You Throw Away: Mutton bones, but then I steal them back from the bin.
20. Things you shout... MUM!
21. Cartoon Character. Mini Mouse

There you go Finn... and one more pic... don't worry about the blond giant standing over me, he's not a patch on you.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Make like a Basset

It has come to my attention that those vertically challenged dogs, you know the Bassets & Corgadors, namely Ernest , Wally and Jackson , seem to have all the fun.

So I'm going to make like a Basset.
Or a corgador.

What do you think of my "flat wolfhound"? Would I pass as a wrinkly dwarf?