Monday, 21 September 2009

Lurchery world tour part.... something.

Leafo here, Back at the puter again.

Having sorted out the Beach at Southerness we headed off to meet the DogFather's family (Apparently he has another one that is not us - how did THAT happen?).

We stopped in East Kilbride and the humans had Chinese, but we did not get any (they ate the lot - greedy buggers).

Then it rained and it rained and it rained and it rained and it rained and it rained and it rained until we reached a place called Cumbernauld. Where the sun came out. Which made the DogFather laugh for some reason (who can understand humans?).

Then on to Dunblain where the humans had chinese again and this time we helped them finish it up. It was yummy.

While in Dunblain we did a flying visit to Bracklin Falls where we had to keep the human on tight lead in case they fell in (it was deep and had very fast flowing water and humans don't swim very well):

Lurchers do Bracklin Falls

Because Scotland was so wet we then headed back down south, stopping off in Manchester to see uncle Sam, where we had chinese again and we got to help clean up:
Lurchers do chinese takeaway in Manchester

It was yummy. We like uncle Sam.

After an over night stop, it's on to West Sussex to meet our best lurchery friends. Will this tour never end?


Monday, 14 September 2009

On to bonny Scotland

It's the third day of our Lurchers' World Tour of Great Britain and we're off to sunny Scotland.

First stop is Sweetheart Abbey, not sure about this one, the roof is missing, so are some of the walls, but the DogFather likes it.
Lurchers do Sweetheart Abbey

Next was Southerness, where the DogFather used to come on holidays as a pup, he likes to go back and wave at the light house (not sure about that one, it looks pretty heavy to me).

As a special treat we took the humans to the John Paul Jones hotel for lunch and let them share ours (the staff LOVED us):
No, I'll be a pub dog....
I'll be a Pub dog!
Any left for me?

Next stop the lighthouse beach is which is a good place for a post lunch snack of Ducu:
Lurchers do Happy

But eventually the other dog (the one I don't like to talk about) got her come-uppance (hee hee hee):
Bite yer bum
(its about time she learned that Ducu is MINE to play with).

Then Ducu the Jellybrain met a Jellyfish (less said, the better).

Time for more chasing then we're off to look for yet another place to plant the noisy blue house.
Catch me!

I'll be back with more when the people stop at another place where I can use the puter.....



Friday, 11 September 2009

Lurchers' World Tour of Great Britain, Day 2.

After a fitful night in the noisy blue house we woke up to sunny blue skies and staggered out for early morning wees (still wearing our PJs, but we did not wee on them).
Then snuck back into the noisy blue house and put our wet noses and paws into the DogFather's sleeper-bag. He squealed. It was fun.
EVENTUALLY the lazy humans got up and cooked us sausages for breakfast.
Dog's breakfast
Breakfast was al fresco (not sure about that, maybe we need to do a painting of it?)
Lurchers do camping breakfast
The sausages were good.

After brekky we packed back into the car (oh NO!) and went in search of Hadrian's Mall. It was not very good cos we could not find any shops open.
Lurchers do Hadrian's Mall
So no bonios to be bought here.

Eventually the people got bored of looking for an open coffee shop at the mall and took us off to a Talkin Tarn.

The Tarn was very quiet and did no have much to say to us but we had fun anyway chasing about:
Lurchers do Talkin Tarn

By the time we had chased Ducu round the Tarn a few times his paws were hot and he had to cool off.
Cooling offCheck Spelling

After visiting the Tarn we went back to the noisy blue house and had pasties for supper. We thought you only got them in Corny-wall, but apparently Hadrian-wall has them too. What do WE know?

They were yummy.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Will we EVER go home?

What IS this all about? Not satisfied with moving out of our old house to live with the the fat puppy (Reuben), the humans have decided to take us on a World Tour of Great Britain.

On a bright sunny Thursday morning, the humans put tonnes of stuff in (and on top of) the car, then loaded us lurchers and our lurchery beds into the car and...
and drove...
and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove ......
and then stopped for water and wees...
And we drove and we drove and we drove and we drove
Then drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove ......
and then stopped for more water, wees and chicken nuggets (they were nice).
Then drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove ......
and then stopped for even more water, wees and this time ginger biscuits (we like them).
Then drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and drove ......

Eventually we stopped. In a field. Eh?
It was damp.

Then the humans got ALL the stuff they had loaded into the car out and put up the noisy blue house.

What IS he doing?

It rained, which made the noisy blue house EVEN noisier.

We ate supper inside the noisy blue house then put on our PJs (we all have PJs this time) and went to sleep.

It had been a LONG day and we were glad it was over.