Thursday, 30 August 2007

Lurchery Life

Being a pointy dog there is a certain expectation of speed and energy. There's always those comments about "I bet they need a lot of exercise" etc etc.

It's true occasionally do a bit of deerhound stalking :

But this is needs to be followed quickly by a long rest...

Or the odd bout of ragger tugging

Followed by some intense sofa surfing...

Then when we get together we can go NUTS

But only for about 30 seconds, then we need a long lie down...

It's tough being a lurcher.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007


So how DO you get 5 dogs and two people in a car?

Well - we don't travel far like this - but daily walks are better for a 10 minute drive. we can walk from the house but a few minutes of road work on a narrow windy road are required... so .... to the DOGMOBILE!.... (dan da da da dan da da da dan da dad dada DADA! (etc))

The wolfie. (aka QB) helps the DogFather drive....

Meggie the deerhound peeks out between the two front seats (in case anyone in the front seats have bisquits in their pockets).

The 3 Muskateers are in the very back (though Bootsie is shy and hides his face)

Occasionally, cyclists may be startled from their vehicles...

Monday, 27 August 2007

Bank Holiday Mondays

Humans really have no idea about holidays, you are supposed to lie in bed for HOURS

Not open the blinds at 7 AM.

They really do need to learn to take life at an easier pace...

Meggie understands - she tries to maximize her sofa surfing time by doubling up with sofa-surfing AND roaching:

The younger lurchers are a lost cause, I'm afraid

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My pln is developing.

I am a dog of dichotomy.

When my daddy is here I am hapeeeee

When my daddy is away I am sad.

It's a binary thing, here/not here happy/sad.

So I've been thinking, and this is no easy thing for a Wolfie, we are not the Einsteins of the canine world.

Earlier plns failed to bring about permanent results. However, even I cannot dig a big enough hole to hide the daddy's car and stop him from leaving each week to go to work.


I remember, when I was a young wolfie, and not long after I arrived here the daddy hired some special equipment to let HIM dig a big hole.

So I am going to get me one of these, dig a hole, hide the car. No problemo.

Erm, I may need help with the driving, any dogs out there know how to go one of these? There's a bonio in it for you.....

Sunday, 19 August 2007

This WAY!

With so many dogs running about

It's often hard to know which direction we are supposed to be running in....

QB & Tealeaf cannot agree...

Nor can QB and Cleo

And this lot do not know if they are coming or going....

This way - no - THIS WAY.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Thirsty work

I have it on good authority that there are yummy bones to be had under this river thingy, so I need to drink

This river


It's thirsty work you know...

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Happy Birthday Wrinkly Dwarf

Our friend Jackson aka the Wrinkly Dwarf is One today.

Happy Birthday To You!
Sardines, Tomatoes and Stew!
You are a fat Basset!
And you've got big ears too!

You was cute once:

Puppy Jackson on the bottom

Puppy Jackson trying to look fierce..

Steal some cakes for us SUMDs Birthday Boy!

Ps. Does this mean you are no longer BFBP???
PPs. Don't tell anyone - but I miss treading on your big ears - come back and play please?

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Dad.... I think we have ghosts.

No - I really really do... come see...


Scarey huh?

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Lurchery Birthdays

Saturday (that was yesterday) was my birthday. I was 12.

Tell me it's not so? I am still a young chap really...

And what's more, I share my birthday with KuBrin too, and he's only 5, which makes me feel doubly old...

Anyway - a double lurchery birthday calls for celebration, so the humans took me and QB down to the local shops to visit the butchers.

While we were there we met a little girly JRT, she was only 5 months old, I was completely cool with her, I like my women a little longer in the legs, but QB was terrified.

We went to the butchers, and while the Dogfather and QB and me stood outside for our adoring public to greet us, AlphaB went in to buy BONES.

When we got home Dad helped me out with a bit of marrowbone, it was yummy

Then he helped the other birthday boy

And just so as they did not feel left out the others got some too:

Tealeaf did not want any help with his marrowbone. He thinks he's tough.

Megan was actually allowed to have hers inside, which is a cheek cos I get shouted at if I take one indoors, the humans said it was because it was so hot and she is an old biddy.

The Dogfather tried to help her out with the marrowbone bit, but cos she is a silly old bint she thought he was stealing her bone and would not let him have it.

Then she worked out what was happening and was happy to have the marrow instead of the bone.

Maybe I don't mind birthdays after all, can I have another one tomorrow?

Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Looks like a Wolfhound...

Moves like a Wolfhound...

STEERS like a Wolfhound !

Fast dogs

The lurcher....

Is faster

Than the eye

Or in this case AlphaB's new pocket camera.

Keeping the Leaflet in his place sure wears a girl out....

But I'm gorgeous, aren't I?

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Us lurchers don't like the heat

It's just tooooo hot...

QB & Leafo have bagged the breezy spot on the floor

Megan is a spoiled hound and has her own boudoir, it's the coolest room in the house..

Bootsie is trying to do his black dog on a black background disappearing act... that way he can pretend he does not exist and therefore he won't feel hot, it's a thinking lurcher's thing.

I've stolen the big dog's bed again, but am hanging my head out for maximum cooling factor.

Can we join in the ice-cream game... pleeeeeeeease...