Saturday, 27 January 2007

KuBrin intro.

Hello, my Name is KuBrin Kaos, you killed my father, prepare to die.
Oops no sorry - been watching too much "Princess Bride"
(murdered by wolfhounds is good).
Let's try again.

Hello My name Is KuBrin Kaos and I am a wolfhound.


So they tell me.

I'm big and blonde.
Very blonde.
And very big.
Did I say I have big teeths and only half a tail ?

I live with my people and the "other" dogs (they are not wolfhounds and all have whole tails (well - not the people, they do not have tails, it is hard to tell when they are happy)). A cat lives here too, though if I had my way she would not. I would like to boof her.

Today is SATURDAY. We have been to the butcher's for bones (thankyou very nice butchers) so I am expecting my bone to be dished up any second now.... mum?

KuBrin Statistics:

Number of walks: 2
Number of times I barked at the door: 0
Number of people I have boofed: 0
Number of times I have barked for no reason: 1
Number of farts that cleared the room: 0

Other Statistics:
Number of times I chased the cat: 1
Number of dead rats: 1 (large)
Number of treats for cat: 2 (1 per small rat - 2 for a large one)


Amandochka said...

Hey KuBrin - so BIG, so Blonde - SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

How do you "boof" someone??!!

Kerrio said...

"Boof" is the Wolfhound equivalent of "Woof" - no idea why - but you hear wolfie owners talk about it.

In KuBrin's case this is usually accompanied by leaping onto something and pinning it down with both front paws.