Thursday, 6 December 2007


Oy - I want a word with you!!!

Could you PLEASE come home, AlphaB keeps taking us out in the dark, and wind, and rain

And I'm not very impressed.

Did I mention it was muddy? and dark? and wet? AND windy?


TDF said...

Aww, QB, I don't understand why its all dark and cold where you are. It's lovely, blue skies and warm here in Florida.

It's a mystery.

PS Home on Friday. Shall I get you a stick of rock ?

nm said...

if you are home early today, did you take them for a walk in the light?

Are you not a nice mommy?

Ernest is in his fleecy today in the car. He is not amused.

Misty Dawn said...

Yeah Dad!!! You better get home quick!

Sophie Brador said...

Hey QB, Did you see the cars hiding under the snow on my blog. You need to work on changing that rain to snow. It might work for hiding the cars from the Daaaaaaaaad.


p.s. you are still cute, even when you are cold and wet and muddy.

Cynthia Blue said...

Yuck, the wet is the worst. Snow is better than icky rain. :)