Thursday, 17 April 2008

Let me introduce you to my foster sister


Not ONLY is she my foster sister, she is also my half sister, though at 10 she is a mere pup.

Do you think she looks like me? (ok she is a little taller.)

I have taught her every trick I know.... and she is turning out to be a champion sofa-surfer.

but no matter how I try she just will NOT cross bridges unaided.

though like all good deerhounds (we are royalty you know) she calls a knight in shining armour..

We are sisters... we can share

(though I'm a little concerned about that red top coat - do you think our mum has a thing for red setters?)


Beanz said...

She's got it sussed alright. Perhaps she can wangle it to get carried everywhere.

You two have good, strong deerhound blood and are a fine looking pair of sisters.

I don't think there is any room at your house for red setters. Don't worry about usurpers

Beanz & co

Sophie Brador said...

She's gorgeous! Why is she with you? What happened to her family.


2shibas said...

Okay, this is precisely why our mom can't foster...she REALLY, REALLY wants you to keep her. Can you? Huh? Can you?

She's so tall and beautiful - is she a model?

Wiley & Fievel

Sparky said...

You and Erin do look a lot alike! You're both beautiful gals. I liked all the pictures.

I hope you all have a grrrreat weekend!


Charlie said...

Meg, you're so nice to your sister. Maybe you should lobby for her to stay!
- Charlie

Cubby said...

She's very pretty!

Misty Dawn said...

Obviously beauty runs in the family, because you are both gorgeous ;-)

Murphy Dogg said...

Wow, you are both gorgeous! You obviously got a great set of genes.
Murphy Dogg

Abbey said...

I love the photo of them both with the dog bowl...gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Oh Erin you are gorgeous, such a lady.

I don't blame you i'm a bit scared crossing bridges.

lots of licks


THE ZOO said...

yall two luk lyk two peas in a pod.

nm said...

oy, update.



wally said...

Wow, hello half foster sissy. We've just taken a look alike. Not my look alike. I am one of a kind.


dog lover said...

What happened to your blog? I haven't seen an entry lately so I am a bit worried...


Dog Lover

Wilma Nesbitt said...

I am really jealous!
My sister Elsie is awful towards me. She's quite a bully really! I get on with our cat though!

Great to meet you!
Love Wilma

dunni said...

Just love this Pic of Meg
We had a Deerhound from Kilbourn Kennels. He could not cross water and every time we came to a bridge we had to carry him. How this brings back memories . When he passed away we said we would have no more Dogs. However we now have en epeleptic spaiel