Friday, 27 February 2009


Hallo, my name is tiggy and sometimes i am called tiggy zzzzzzz.

i am only a little girl and i am only a little clever not 2 much though. i think it was cause i had 9 puppies when i was still a puppie myself. i am a year and a half now, very grown up.

Here is a picture of me with my pals TeaLeaf he is the oldest and a little sad, and there is Dubk erm dogpoo erm Ducu who is named after a scarey bloke in Star Wars, even though the Dogfather says it means 'Black Dog'.

Apparently i can run really really really really really really fast.
Auntie Ali and Uncle Graeme brought me some jewelry for the Dogfather's birthday!

They all laughed and said it was sat-nav so i wouldn't get lost.

Here is me running on my paws

and here is where i ran to.

When you click to see my nice big picture you might see that i CAN run really really really really really really fast.

bye bye 4 now


pee ess i am going on holidays to Cornwall for a long weekend with all my pals what you saw just now. i hope to make lots of sand-castles and eat ice-cream and get a kiss-me-quick hat!


Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Utterly fantastic! You guys more than deserve some happiness, or at least some respite from what you've been through over the past year.

A fascinating view of where she's been too - I guess you have a GPS collar for her. With that turn of speed I think it could be useful!!

Beanz said...


We are SO SO glad to see you. Tiggy, welcome. Ducu: are you staying? Tealeaf, hang in there friend,

loads of love Beanz
(and the outspeeded Chips)

Asta said...

You awe gowgeous and youw wunning is fantastic!!!
Why is Tealeaf sad???I'm sowwy I'm new to youw bloggie so I don't know what's going on, but hope evewything will be OK..youw vacation sounds like it will be lovely..have lots of tweats and play
smoochie kisses

Ali said...


Tiggy the 41mph hound! Although I think she cheats and uses a quad bike...

Glad you like the gadget, hours of fun to had. Looking forward to seeing the output from mad dashes on those glorious Cornish beaches. Maybe the sand will slow her down?! Don't drop it in the sea!

Have fun

Chips said...

TJam has been lying awake all night thinking about GPS collars. Would you care to share your technological knowledge of what make and whether you would recommend it?

Thank you so much if you could help

Chips & Beanz

Casper and pals said...

Wow tiggy you sure can zoom!

Anonymous said...

ZOOM ZOOM! Oh, so good to see you, all of you!