Friday, 11 September 2009

Lurchers' World Tour of Great Britain, Day 2.

After a fitful night in the noisy blue house we woke up to sunny blue skies and staggered out for early morning wees (still wearing our PJs, but we did not wee on them).
Then snuck back into the noisy blue house and put our wet noses and paws into the DogFather's sleeper-bag. He squealed. It was fun.
EVENTUALLY the lazy humans got up and cooked us sausages for breakfast.
Dog's breakfast
Breakfast was al fresco (not sure about that, maybe we need to do a painting of it?)
Lurchers do camping breakfast
The sausages were good.

After brekky we packed back into the car (oh NO!) and went in search of Hadrian's Mall. It was not very good cos we could not find any shops open.
Lurchers do Hadrian's Mall
So no bonios to be bought here.

Eventually the people got bored of looking for an open coffee shop at the mall and took us off to a Talkin Tarn.

The Tarn was very quiet and did no have much to say to us but we had fun anyway chasing about:
Lurchers do Talkin Tarn

By the time we had chased Ducu round the Tarn a few times his paws were hot and he had to cool off.
Cooling offCheck Spelling

After visiting the Tarn we went back to the noisy blue house and had pasties for supper. We thought you only got them in Corny-wall, but apparently Hadrian-wall has them too. What do WE know?

They were yummy.


Charlie said...

Any place that serves sausages for breakfast sounds like a good place to me!
- Charlie

joker the lurcher said...

its good to hear you are having a nice time. we went on a long narrow boat which suited young dave and i what with being long and narrow...

wally said...

My goodness you have fun. And delicious breakfasts. We like to dine with Al Fresco, too. He's a popular guy.

wally t.