Sunday, 8 November 2009

We love mutton

Being under house arrest while all the other dogs are living it up does have some compensations.

The best one is something called Mutton Shanks. These are sold in the shops for humans, but our people buy them for us.

They are YUMMY.

Mutton is yummy

Mutton is yummy

Mutton is yummy

For some strange reason, mutton shanks always come in pairs, and as I am the skinniest of the skinny ugly mutant dogs, I always get the "extra". Mind you, when the LSWD comes home, I expect I will miss out :-(

Bye for now

Ducu (count)


Ali said...


Mine lot are looking on and drooling at the thought of Mutton Shanks.

Life With Dogs said...

Always getting the bonus shank? You have it made! :)

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

ohhh--looks good!

thank you for all the beautiful comments on our blog! we enjoyed reading them so much!

Em said...

Hello stranger. Just popped by to see how you were all doing, only to find you've all gone South!! Looks great down there - off to read the posts I've missed! Mollie sends her wuff to the motley mutts. Em