Sunday, 25 March 2007

Rumours of my early demise

Were much exaggerated so dinnae fash yoursel' (I'm a SCOTTISH Deerhound, you see). It's true I'm not quite a sprightly as I once was, but at 15 what do you expect from a Deerhound?

As long as there is fish pie to be stolen, I think I will hang around and sofa surf a little longer.

Anyway, since the wrinkly dwarf was shipped off to a penal colony , we've not been doing much blogging, but he seems to be having quite a lot of fun doing it, so we thought it was time us proper dogs should become "blogging dogs".

Of course as matriarch of the household I will need to keep those other dogs in line, they do have some funny ideas.

1 comment:

Amandochka said...

MMMMMM FIsh pie - you are a dog after my own heart!!