Thursday, 5 April 2007

Us lurchers ain't snitches....

oh, ok, yes we are .

Now I would not want you to think that large blonde lump is cute fluffy and easy to live with.

He is an overgrown puppy in a 65 Kilo (thats 143 pounds for you pups over the other side of the puddle) package who has no control over his body. That's a LOT of uncontrolled body mass. And we WON'T talk about the uncontrolled emissions, this dog has a seriously excessive carbon footprint. His paws aren't titchy either, especially when applied to sleek lurcher paws with a fair proportion of the 65 kilos bearing down.

I digress. Back to the snitching. Some time ago, the humans were rebuilding the kitchen, and had just slotted in the new oven (for the baking of liver treats you understand). To celebrate this they invited some other 2 legged friends over for food.

3 minutes before the friends arrived, KuBrin entered the kitchen to inspect the roast... and THIS happened:

From another angle it looked like this:

Us dogs scarpered. The humans thought it was so funny they took photos instead of cleaning up.

And the WORST thing was that great lump of a wolfie got away
a) unharmed
b) scott free

There is no justice.


Finnegan said...

Oh no! I hate to laugh at the misfortune but it's kind of funny. Nice work fellow wolfie!

Did he least get to eat some?



nm said...

This is so not you!

I believe that a moose got loose and did such damage.

How can someone so dainty and so careful do such a thing to a new cooker?

Did you just give up and order eat in curries?


Bella said...

hee hee hee sorry to chuckle, but Oh My Dog - that is some serious work - me thinks we have been lucky so far with just tissue box, toys & dog bed destruction from our big puppy.
We have deinitely learnt that bean bags dog beds are not a good idea for oversized & energetic puppies