Wednesday, 29 August 2007


So how DO you get 5 dogs and two people in a car?

Well - we don't travel far like this - but daily walks are better for a 10 minute drive. we can walk from the house but a few minutes of road work on a narrow windy road are required... so .... to the DOGMOBILE!.... (dan da da da dan da da da dan da dad dada DADA! (etc))

The wolfie. (aka QB) helps the DogFather drive....

Meggie the deerhound peeks out between the two front seats (in case anyone in the front seats have bisquits in their pockets).

The 3 Muskateers are in the very back (though Bootsie is shy and hides his face)

Occasionally, cyclists may be startled from their vehicles...


Sophie Brador said...

Wow! Maybe Sophie would actually enjoy the dog mobile. She hates all other cars.

Also, did you know that you guys drive on the wrong side of the road?

wally said...

Lovely. I would love the dogmobile. I would fall asleep immediately. That's what I do in the Wallymobile. Though Sophie is right--you're on the wrong side of the roooooad!


Sophie Brador said...

Oh, and ROFL?

Eddie N Peaches said...

Uh, yeah. Your Dog Dad is sitting in the wrong seat to be driving that car! CAREFUL. I don't know if I'd get in the car with him.
But, cars make me sick, so I wouldn't get in anyone's car.

Jasmine said...

the last pix cracks me up!
great to see they all behave in the car.
BamBam H-A-T-E-S the car, any car.
Eski's still doing fine. thankfully.

TDF said...

@ Everyone :

Right != Wrong | Left = TRUE.

Sorry - been playing with mainframe computers and have gone a bit silly!


Ally said...

Don't ya just love back seat drivers!!!

Thanks for showing the pics


Em said...

ROFL. And TDF - I didn't even realise that you'd written code until I got to the apology! I just thought the case was all wrong and there was a semi-colon missing...I R NRD. Darn.

Mollie would love to 'help' Tracy or myself drive, but she's ickle and light and bouncy, and gets thrown or jumps about all over the place if she's not constrained in the car. She goes in the boot quite a bit at the moment, since we acquired a dog guard, but she doesn't like it...she prefers to be harnessed into the front seat and ride along with her front paws on the dash!

Bella said...

Fantastic pictures - I did wonder how you all would get around.
But I do feel sorry for any innocent cyclists who get such a surprise :)

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Yay - frighten the cyclists! Sorry, they're one of my pet hates... always churning up the 'dogwalking' paths!

The Brat Pack said...

We need a dogmobile!! Great pics, you guys are so well behaved. :)

Finnegan said...

That is one full car. I can imagine all the stares you get. RUDE!

Do you think I could fit in the car too?