Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My pln is developing.

I am a dog of dichotomy.

When my daddy is here I am hapeeeee

When my daddy is away I am sad.

It's a binary thing, here/not here happy/sad.

So I've been thinking, and this is no easy thing for a Wolfie, we are not the Einsteins of the canine world.

Earlier plns failed to bring about permanent results. However, even I cannot dig a big enough hole to hide the daddy's car and stop him from leaving each week to go to work.


I remember, when I was a young wolfie, and not long after I arrived here the daddy hired some special equipment to let HIM dig a big hole.

So I am going to get me one of these, dig a hole, hide the car. No problemo.

Erm, I may need help with the driving, any dogs out there know how to go one of these? There's a bonio in it for you.....


macgoogle said...

Oh Kubrin, you and I are so alike! I wish we could help each other to make our Dads STAY. I can't drive that thing, though. Sorry. Hmmmmm...... I will try and come up with a pln too.

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

nm said...

We think you are the smartest wolfie ever.

We also saw some earth mowing material today while walking and thought about driving it, but I can't see over the steering wheel.



Robin said...


~ Meander

Kubrin....don't get your hopes up....

~Alpha B

Anonymous said...

I might be able to learn. But I think you might have more luck trying to get your dad fired. He might not be happy with you, but you'd sure be happy with him.

Anonymous said...

ooops, that should have come from me, Sophie Brador, your Canadian girl.

Em said...

Mollie's legs are too short, otherwise she's sure she'd be able to do it. Maybe a team effort is required?

wally said...

I'm pretty smart, good at problem solving, perhaps I could lend a paw?


Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Hi, Tilly here. I've been trying to formulate a pln to stop Daddy going back to work in a few weeks. I'm thinking of hiding his laptop, as he seems to think it's critical.....

Charlie said...

Hey Kubrin -- Girl Girl has a car, so she knows how to drive. Maybe she could help!
- Charlie

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh so sorry I have no idea how to get one of those Kubrin, just send me the bonio anyway!

love and licks, Marv xxxxx

Eddie N Peaches said...

Oh my. I'm still trying to figure out how to drive the car so I can take myself on car rides instead of waiting for someone else to take me.
That thing looks way bigger than our car!

Sparky said...

You are so smart! I think that's the best idea yet! I hope it works.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hi Kubrin, Charlie told me you need help driving. I can drive my pink car. You think I can help drive the digger thingy??

~ Girl girl

deuce said...

I want one of those digger things. I am having ENVY.
If we all got together, we could do an Iditarod pull sorta thing, and get that car in the hole. No problem.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kubrin.
Good plan! I don't drive but my mom knows how those things work. If you want I can ask her to help you!!
Have a good night

PerfectTosca said...

Boy your dad sure lets you slobber good! When I do it she gets a hairball.

You been tagged over at my blog. Woot!

Misty Dawn said...

Oh Oh Oh equipmentttttt! Oh, I LOVE equipmentttt! I know the names of all the farm equipment my daddy drives, and I try to herd it, and I ride in it, and I watch over it. Oh boy oh boy... uh oh, only thing is, I don't know how to drive it. But, I'll run round and round it and bite the tires while it runs!
Let me know how it goes,
P.S. I'm a Border Collie, so I'm purty smart - I bet we could figure out that thing together!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

No, QB, you have it wrong.

Hide the keys. You don't need to hide the car. In fact you could have dropped them in that nice river you were drinking from.

Couldn't you?

Don't forget to hide ella's keys too. She's bound to have a set just to make a wolfie's life difficult.


Spencer said...

Hi Kubrin, it's not the driving part that's hard it's that clutch thingy that messes me up!

I think maybe just sit on your dad...he won't be able to go anywhere than, BOL!