Saturday, 24 October 2009

Approaching East Cove

Ship to shore (from the CAPTAIN of MV Eddystone)

Message proceeds:

Good Day,

We're still maintaining our arrival at East Cove of Monday Morning 08:00. Don't know what time that the V.E.T. has been organized for, but I'm afraid that the dogs will not be allowed off until he/she has been.

We're rolling a bit today and everyone is OK, although you can see that they're just a bit out of sorts with it. Ducu mostly. He's very clingy and wants to be beside someone all the time. Tiggy is just spending a bit more time in her bed and TeaLeaf is his usual blasé self.

They all usually have half an hour chasing Charlie around the bridge every morning but they missed out on that. They all did have their breakfast and an extra ginger snap. Haven't had to use the sea-sick medicine yet.

Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday.

Best Regards,

End Of Message


Anonymous said...

Never knew that they could move the Stack from Port to Starboard on the Point Class! You learn something new every day.


TDF said...

@ Rick :

Clearly it helps when dealing with crosswinds !


Anonymous said...

Dear Ducu -

Seasickness is no fun. Clinging to a human always helps.

Be sure to eat a cracker every hour or so.