Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Somewhere ELSE in the south seas...

Ship to shore (from the CAPTAIN of MV Eddystone)

Message proceeds:

Dogs are doing really well. They all get on with each other and with Charlie the Jack Russel. They have fun playing and chasing him around the bridge.

They have all learned where the toilet facilities are so that's good for us. They get regular trips down to the main deck where they can run around a bit more but are pretty tired after that coz it's starting to get warm down there now we're around the Canaries. They've got the hang of the stairs no problem now.

All the Officers and Crew on watch enjoy their company and they also get regular visits from the engineers (but that may just be for the tab-nabs!)

tab-nabs are what navy types eat when they get an attack of the munchies @ 11 o'clock (tDF)

Don't worry, they're fine. Feel free to drop a line again. Will e-mail if we have any concerns.

Best Regards

Angus MacPherson.


End Of Message


Ali said...

Home from home.
Good update :-) Less than a week to go!

Pippa said...

I think I have been away from the dogblogosphere for too long. Since I have been away you all have been around the UK and half way to the bottom of the world .

So you really are all moving out - or have moved out. Mistress says she expects LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of LR pics :)

And she hopes Alpha-B will resume her Picotee blog with pix of FI - or maybe start a new one.

Hey we all live in British Overseas Territories - and I have one of those passport thingies too. But I haven't been on a ship though.

Looking forward to more tales.


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

i think it is amazing!!!!

TDF said...

Ahem - I'm "ashamed" to say that (under advisement), we went off and bought a Land Cuiser.
But I'm sure that we'll manage to get some gratuitous dirty car shots ;-)