Monday, 26 October 2009

There's a boat coming in...

So we thought that we would allow the humans to write this blog entry, under supervision of course!!!

We have had a very peculiar month without the dogs. We have helped out a lot with dog rescue, so we know that dogs get very used to dealing with change (especially if the nice man has sausages!).

We've got here, we've got unpacked, we've now got the dogs back.

First sight of their cruise liner - the good ship MV Eddystone.

A Boat Coming In

Meeting Alpha B on the Quay

Meeting Alpha B

Looks like tDF has to do the driving...

Looks Like I'm Driving

TeaLeaf on dry land @ Kerri's dad's house...

TeaLeaf on Dry Land

Tiggy on dry land @ Kerri's dad's house...

Tiggy on Dry Land

There is a tradition that when you cross the equator, you are called to the court of King Neptune - General Jackson's blog told you all about it first time around.

We only have the certificates - you never know, we may get some pics sent to us if the crew get some time to send emails (the weather today has closed in, so the unloading was intensive, and there was no time for small talk).

Ducu met Neptune

Ducu Met Neptune

TeaLeaf met Neptune


and Tiggy met Neptune


Thanks, guys, for looking after the dogs for us.

kindest regards,

Kerri & Brian


Ali said...

Oh my. The Jamieson Clan reunited!! The dogs look absolutely fabulous and obviously very happy to feel the grass under their paws.

Thanks to all on MV Eddystone for getting them to you safe and sound. I'm so pleased... it must be fantastic having them back.

Many squidges to be administered and much love to you

Anonymous said...

Hope Ducu is feeling much better having all four paws on dry land.

Watch out for dock rock. Can be solved by jumping in bed with the humans. And lots of restorative biscuits.

Welcome shellbacks.


Beanz said...

Wow, what an adventure! Glad you are all reunited.
love Beanz & Chips

Anonymous said...

Er, um.

How's GJ? I know he has been banished for the quarantine. Is he holding up?

[This is a shameless plea for a GJ pic.]

- TCV and Ernest

Katherine and Pippa said...

Love those reunited pix and the charging around on the grass.