Monday, 19 October 2009

Somewhere in the south seas...

Ship to shore....

Lurchery Belongings on the Boat

Bonio supplies, ginger snaps, and comfie beds holding out. Stop.

Best mate Charlie

Have new best mate Charlie. Stop.
He can't run very fast. Stop.
Har har har. Stop.
He has only got short legs. Stop.

You put the queen on WHAT???
"You put the Queen on WHAT???"

Didn't tell the crew that TeaLeaf was a card sharp. Stop.

Wonder if they will have their shirts on their backs when they arrive. Stop.

We might find ourselves slapped in the brig (or is that the bridge?) Stop.

The brig

We have been reliably informed that Alpha-B has even taken to shipping flat-pack lurchers !!!! Stop.

Flat pack lurcher

eeeeeeeekkkkkk! Stop.

yours cordially, Stop.

TeaLeaf (who is treading the straight and narrow! Even if it looks like it could be a plank!?!?!?!) Stop.


Ali said...


Love it... not long now and they will have arrived!

Message from Meg to Tealeaf:
Tealeaf, thank you for my penguin. I love my penguin. I sent you a postcard to give a final update on my penguin quest (which didn't reach Alpha B or tDF before they left) - you can ignore the content, Penguins are truely fab. I loved the words inside the card. You are very clever, I love you for your brains as well as your smoldering good looks. Lots of Love Meg.xx

Hopefully the postcard will be forwarded on and when it finally reaches you this post will make sense! *grin*

Joker the Lurcher said...

where? what? yrs confused, jtl