Friday, 20 July 2007

Are YOU boofin' at ME ???

Now THAT was a turn-up for the books.

We have had torrential rain here today, and we didn't hear the Dogfather drive up much sooner than expected - 'they' must have let him out early for good behaviour.

Before I could even get my best boofing paws out, HE - BOOFED - ME !!!

The ignominy of it all - I am KuBrin (aka QB) - one who Boofs, the Boofer, NOT the Boofee.

WOT am I to do ?

Am I forever to be remembered as 'QB the Boofee' ? ? ?


nm said...


smooches from rainy seattle.


wally said...

When life boofs you, boof back, boof harder.


Misty Dawn said...

'QB the Boofee" Hey, it rhymes! It's kind of catchy, really!

Marvin The Dog said...

Boof On! You are the Champion Boofer!

We have not had any rain, we are in a sunny spell at the moment here in Bonnie Scotland!

Yay! Have a great Boof Fest Weekend!

love from Marvin Braveheart Hound in Bonnie Scotland xxxxxx

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Rain? What's that?

KuBrin - you've shrunk in the wash.

Kate and Pippa

Charlie said...

And I thought I had an embarrassing secret...
- Charlie

Gaucho and Verdi said...

take a plain and go to spain.
here is wormmi

you takes a plane and travels to Spain, Here it is hot .. and it does not rain for one month Not if it is good or not, but the park this fantasticly


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

We are sure you can turn it around soon! How is the plan to bury the car coming along?