Wednesday, 4 July 2007

I am poorly wolfhound

AlphaB has been sick and laying about the house, but I would not want her to get all the attention, so I stole 5 chocolate chip cookies (really big ones) and ate the lot. I let Megan take the wrapper though so that she got the blame. hee hee.

Unfortunately the cookies have had dire side effects and I have been rather poorly, so much so that I could not eat my breakfast yesterday. Today, rather than my normal inhaling of food I took each piece of kibble from the 2 large scoops I get and chewed them individually. It took ages and AlphaB had to sit (in her dressing gown, outside in the cold wind) next to me and watch to make sure the other dogs did not muscle in.

I'm feeling a little better now, perhaps after a nap I could manage a bacon butty.


Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Feel better soon KuBrin

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hey KuBrin

I know how you are feeling.

The hand-feeding thing is cool.

But what are chocolate chip cookies?

Do I need them? Would I like them?

I recommend toasties myself for poorly doggies. And for well doggies too.


Anonymous said...

You poor thing. Of course, presented with another giant chocolate chip cookie, I bet you would do it all over again. Silly boy. I hope Alpha B feels better. Try to wait until she's healthy before eating your next batch.

Sophie Brador

Charlie said...

Poor KuBrin! So thoughtful of you to show sympathy for your mom by getting sick yourself. Hope you both feel better soon!
- Charlie

nm said...

mmmmm. bacon butty!


Chocolate is bad for dogs, next time get AlphaB to make flapjacks.

Um, AlphaB, the english are not known for their chocolate chip cookie prowess.

Do tell.


Adelita said...

Get well soon doggie :))

Kerrio said...

Pippa - I'm sure KuBrin would LOOOOVE cheese toasties. But he's allergic to wheat. And cheese. And tice. And chicken. etc.

And especially chocolate chip cookies.

nm. I bought them. If I was going to bake cookies they would be called biscuits. :p

At this rate we may be moving onto home cooked dog food soon. Oh dog.

wally said...

Oh. I can't believe that food would ever hurt us, would it?

I always say treat poorly bellies with more food, dilute whatever ails you.


Sparky said...

Aww, I hope you'll feel completely better soon!


dog lover said...

Get well soon KuBrin, but stay away from chocolate!

Bella said...

what a sorry picture you make there dear Kubrin. No more chocolate chip cookies!!! stick to the good stuff - like roast lamb yummy yum.
Hope both you and AlphaB are well soon.

PiratesGrrl said...

Aaaaw, we're sorry you're sick. Hopefully you're feeling better!

We like to be handfed though, that's a good time!

BTW, Mom really likes how your blog is looking.

The Brat Pack

Finnegan said...

Feel better, buddy!

Woofs and smooches,


nm said...

All I can think of now is bacon butties.

Thanks so much.

Are you feeling better Kubrin?


Spencer said...

Hope you and the Alpha B feel better soon Kubrin!