Monday, 23 July 2007

8 Random facts about ME!

Our 2 legged friend Jabber63 tagged TDF to tell you 8 things about himself, but he's far too boring, so as lurcher representative I am going to do this myself. Besides, this is "Blogs From The Dogs" !

1) I was found in a rubbish skip at two months, and one week later was on death row before the peeps at EGLR rescued me.

2) As a rescue pup I had such a heavy worm infection I was treated with 4 adult doses all in a row before I got better.

3) I am the only lurcher who can sneak upstairs onto the bed with the humans undetected.

4) I love playing with puppies. Actually I love playing with ANYONE.

5) I am an ace catcher.

6) I love winding up Cleo.
(I REALLY do, so much so that my middle name is "Are-you-annoyed-yet?")

7) I am a champion fox poo roller.

8) I am not a qualified plumber. But I can empty the bin, and blame others.

Sooooo, NOW you know what a lurcher is ;-)

Ciao for now,



nm said...

I heart you.


Sparky said...

Interesting facts about you! And I love the pictures. :)


Spencer said...

Thanks for sharing and fantastic phooto of the catch! 2 paws up!

Bella said...

Hi SUMD's rep Teleaf,
Kewl facts and love the pic of you with the puppy and the super-flying action shot. Sounds like after a very tenuous start to life you have landed at lurcher heaven !!

wally said...

Lovely. I'm warming to you lurchers, though I'm still a bit frightened by your long legs. Of course, you should probably be frightened by US because you can't see what we're hiding under our bellies.


Lorenza said...

Thanks for sharing all those things about you.
# 7 sounds interesting!!
Have a good night