Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wet paws

I don't BELIEVE it!

AlphaB took us for a walk this evening, or should I say a "wade". She decided she wanted to see exactly how bad the flooding was in the river meadows near us.


Stupid human.

We waded across a little bridge where the water was up to the top of her wellies. Top of her wellies is NOTHING for her. It was up to our TUMMIES. We could have DROWNED!! Let's just be grateful we are not Bassets, Corgadors or other height challenged dogs.

Tealeaf slipped his collar and ran away, but then decided he did not want to be left behind and braved the torrents.

That wolfie boy thought it was all great fun and gallivanted around all through the wet bits, us poor lurchers just had to suffer in silence.

Anyway we managed to get home all soggy and tired and have ensconced ourselves on the sofa, and we are NOT budging.

Unfortunately AlphaB did not have the camera with her so we can't show you just what torture she put us through, but one of our normal walks looks like this:

And here's me hightailing it to dry land:

"get me OUT of here!!"


nm said...

you are brave. Imagine what wally, the general and I would have of endured.

Ernest, who is currently on the couch in the study ventilating his nethers.

Marvin The Dog said...

I have been thinking of you, the floods look so terrible on the tv.

Take care please.

and look after those darn wellies!

mucho love and licks, Marv xxxxxx In dry and sunny Central Scotland....

wally said...

That looks awful guys! Though the advantage of being shaped like me is you just bob along the surface of the water like a beach ball.


ps. As for my size, I am 43 pounds, not diminutive. It's funny how the angle of the photo changes my apparent size. We have pictures where I look ENORMOUS and a few where my head looks bigger than the ma ape's. I think it captures our relative brain size, perhaps. The perspective in the kissing photos is relatively close to reality, though.

Bella said...

wow another fantastic photo of speed in action - how do you do it?? I never seem to ba able to get such good ones of my whippet girls.

Finnegan said...

I HATE water. That was completely unnecessary of your human to drag you through that water. Humans are so WEIRD! That is something my mama and daddy would have made do.

Good running shot!


Graham & Prince said...

Oh dear - another soggy walk! I'm sick to the back teeth of wet towels and other such 'winter accessories'! A brilliant action shot by the way!

Sparky said...

Wow, you are brave! The floods must be really high, eh?