Friday, 9 October 2009

Horsted Keynes at last!

Finally, after all those nights in the noisy blue house and rainy Scotland, we have reached our ULTIMATE comfort zone, our home from home and the residence of my girlfriend, Meg.

Horsted Keynes, home of Ali & Graeme, Lucy, Meg and Murphy.

Tiggy made herself at home RIGHT away. I think this bed should be mine. Funnily, all us dogs think the same.
Tiggy does Horsted Keynes on a bean bag

The sun shone and we relaxed and played in the garden.
Tiggy does Horsted Keynes

Sorry Murph, we seem to have dismembered one of your toys.
Tealeaf & Ducu destroy Murphy's toys.

We walked in the Ashdown Forest, Murph the mud monster showed us what to do in puddles:
Muddy Murphster

And guess what? There was MORE CHINESE!!!!!
Lurchers do Chinese in Horsted Keynes

And it was Uncle Graeme's birthday, but they did not save us any cake (except the bits they lost during the food fight, but we're not allowed to tell about that). Ratfink humans.
Happy Birthday Graeme

Remember when we were pups together Meg? I love you loads. Especially if I can steal your kibble, and your comfy bed.
Meg as a pup

Mum says we won't be coming back to see you any more, I'm not sure why, was it something I ate said?.

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