Wednesday, 9 May 2007

I do NOT pull funny faces

Who said I pull silly faces?? Come on... 'fess up.

It's all a vicious rumour. There is no truth in this.

Silly faces? Me?

Does my bum look big in this?

Actually - I'm really gorgeous (that's what mum says) and those other pictures are camera aberrations.

(I hope my dad buys a Nikon next time)


nm said...

Nm has a nice d50 nikon. Your mom could fly to nyc for the cost of a cup of tea for us amerians. She could then pay the equivalent of one small trolley of frozen foods from marks and spencer and have herself a really nice camera based on our weak dollar.

However, I think the actual beauty of the pictures is the beautiful subjects.

smoochies from sunny seattle,

Ernest the puppy

Finnegan said...

Of course you are gorgous! The first two pictures are pretty silly, my friend.


Bella said...

heee heee hee
they sure are fun photos - we all have our better angles - but well hmmmm I hate to say it but your bum sure did look big !!! Bigger tha it really is I'm sure :-)