Sunday, 20 May 2007

Wolfhound blues

I've got those

The Dogfather has gone away. He has been away since friday morning and he's still not home yet.

Alpha-B and Jackson's dad felt very sorry for me so they made me a special toy. Tealeaf and I played with it for a bit which cheered me up:

But then Tealeaf ran off with my new toy

and I have the wolfhound-blues again:

I hope my dad comes home soon.


nm said...

Imagine the trouble we could cause you and I! I miss my TH mom too. I have been getting all mopey and whiny because of it.

Maybe he can bring you back a haggis from Scotland.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

I get those too, well pippadog blues, mainly cos mistress refuses to let me be in charge

Finnegan said...

I totally understand your pain. Mommy and Daddy are doing major house renovations and I don't get all the attention I deserve. Sigh.


Marvin The Dog said...

I really hope your Dad comes back to you soon! May be I will see him if he is in Scotland still.

It is warm and sunny here today in central Scotland.

I like your pictures and your blog.

Can I link with you? love from Marvin xxxxxx

Bella said...

ah you look so sweet & pensive in your picture, hope your dogfather home soon.

Adelita said...

ooops poor boy! I really hope your Dad comes back to you soon!

Lorenza said...

Hi. Thanks for coming to visit my blog. I understand your even if my mom stays away only from 8 to 5 everyday. Hope your dad comes home soon!
Have a nice day

charlotte's blog said...

hay thanks for your concerns about me im out of hospital now but still sick i have some protien problem

lots of barks charlotte

Ferndoggle said...

Oh that sad, sad face in the last picture. We hope he's back soon!!