Friday, 18 May 2007

Tag tummies

We've been tagged by Ernest to show off our tummies. In the world of lurchers and greys, lying on your back waving your paws in the air (not drowning) is called Roaching. I've no idea why.

Anyway - here's us lot doing our best roaches.

Me - I'm a fab roacher:

Cleo is shy about her tum cos when she was younger she had to sleep in a concrete kennel and therefor her tum is a bit nekid. She'll still show it sometimes though:

Boots has no shame:

Megan is a complete slapper:

Maddie does not "do" roaching, so we have sneaky ways of getting her tum on camera.

And finally a rather old piccy, but I could not resist. QB was quite new to the house, and the Dogfather will not be pleased that I am posting this! (But he's away this weekend so us sneaky lurcher types can get away with MURDER)

Peee esss.
I have tagged
Pippa, Finnegan and Texas - each of you is now supposed to tag 3 other dog bloggers. If you can find any that have not been tagged yet!


Charlie said...

"Roaching"... now we understand your comment!
- Charlie

nm said...


love it!

ernest says smooches, says raspberries on all your bellies!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Another hard day at the office for QB and the dogfather?


Sophie Brador said...

Too funny! I love the pic of Megan. I also like the pic of your dad. Maybe we should start tagging the people instead of the pups.

Texas's Mum said...

Hey dogs,
You all have nice tummys
I will try and get the humans
to post a belly shot of my own.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

wally said...

Bellies up! My sissy (part greyhound) doesn't like roaching but I do it all the time. Hmmm.


Finnegan said...

This is going to be tricky since I don't lounge on my back... I promise to do my best!!!