Saturday, 5 May 2007

No Balancing, Just Lurchering.

Pippa, Bella, Kingsley AND Ernest

all think this was a lurchery trick.

It's hard to teach luchers tricks. This was honest-to-dog good old lurcher thievery.

Wolfhounds on the other hand can be taught to play dead:


Kyre. said...

Oh, I so want to try to balance something on Ko's nose now! I suspect she will have none of it, but I am gonna give it a shot!



Bella said...

hahah that's so funny!!
so not balancing just stuck on her nose after bin scavanging - now that sounds more like Kuki(whippet) as she's kinda silly at times but not really into tricks.


ps from Kuki - I feel you Cleo they have taken pictures of you that make you look silly/funny - happens to me all the time ;-)

Kyre. said...

Three days without a lurcher fix?

Miss you,

Ky and Ko.