Friday, 11 May 2007


We are very lucky dogs. because KuBrin is a hypochondriac hypothyroid, and I need a few vitamins to keep me in best health, twice a day, EVERY day there comes the dulcet rustling sound of cheese slices being extracted from the fridge, followed by the tintinabulous rattling of several bottles. It's PILLING TIME.

"Do I hear PILLS?"

The other dogs all get placebo cheese to keep the peace:

Every now and then the humans carelessly run out of cheese slices, usually after a barbeque, then we have to slum it with ham. It's tough, being a dog.

PS. There has been a terrible mistake. The lurchers (Cleo, Boots and Tealeaf) all held a demonstration to try to help to free their friend Ernest from jail, apparently he's on holiday and not in jail after all. Stupid lurchers. Tealeaf was so embarressed he tried to destroy the evidence:


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hi Megan

I don't know what my pills taste like as they are always crushed up and in my food - although I don't get cheese with them. Perhaps I should.


Now who's giving ideas to other people's dogs......? Kate PS Tealeaf looks adorable.

wally said...

Cheese without pills. Awesome.

Surely there is something you could protest for on behalf of ernest. The return of the rest of his legs, perhaps.


Bella said...

hey pups - destroy all evidence !!

ps mama asks Kubrin's ma how to 'curb' our big puppy(Kobe) destructive tendancies - he's been with us about 4 weeks now & is a big sweet danex pup around 12 months, but the list of destruction is increasing - he gets morning 30-40 mins walk plus lots of toys & treats, bones & chewies, but still the destruction seems to be escalating, from doggy beds to lamp power cords, laptop adoptor cable, a digital camera, the outdoor sofa & today cusions & 1 seat of an indoor sofa - if possible a halt in the trend would be good - welcome ANY suggestions

Amber-Mae said...

Hi there guys! Nice to meet you all & thx for visiting my bloggy... Oh I love to destroy soft toys & papers too just like I did recently with a shopping booklet. Hehehe... By the way, may I know the URL of your blog so that I can add you to my jiggly friendz list? Okay, see ya guys!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Finnegan said...

YOU GET CHEESE WITH YOUR PILLS!!!!! Mommy pulls open my mouth and shoves them down my throat! Sometimes she gives me a treat afterward.

We love the picture of the dogs lined up for cheese, by the way.

Finny & Mom

Kyre. said...

Mayo. Ko's pills are slathered in Mayo.

You're posts are so hysterical, I just laugh out loud everyday. And the picture!

Much slobber,


PiratesGrrl said...

You guys are soo cute!

Pill time is our favorite time, thank goodness Thrawn needs pills all day.

The Brat Pack

Adelita said...

oh! Pills! We also know that! My BossLady hides them in boiled chicken, or cheese... yummy !!