Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Visiting dogs

Tealeaf here

You'd think that 5 dogs in one house was enough, but not content with just US lot the humans sometimes invite other dogs around too. Lester & Poppy are regular stoppers-by, as well as Marlow & Skipper.

Skipper lives next door where he is an only dog. Sometimes when we are lounging about sofa-surfing and the like, the humans do a paw count, divide by 4 and end up with 24, then notice that Skipper has snuck in. NB - the humans can't count OR divide

I think he just comes over to visit Meg, but I could be wrong.

Other times he just comes to practise his yoga on the kitchen floor.

Then there is Marlow. Marlow is also an only dog as he lost his friend Amber very recently. He comes over for a bit of company. Mind you HE is allowed to lie UNDER the dining table, we get shouted at if we try that. Actually, if KuBrin tries that the table leaves the vicinity of the dining room.

Not content with breaking THAT taboo, he then has the bare-faced cheek to avail himself of MY toy box. MINE!

And just LOOK what he did to my favorite toy...

(ok - that's a
little bit of a porky, I may have done that myself. Sorry Marlow.)


Katherine and Pippa said...

What fine pals - I would like some dogpals like that. Do they get second breakfasts when they come to your house? Pippa.

wally said...

Wow--you have an exciting house. My ma ape will be jealous. She always wants more little paws in the house. She wants to steal Marlowe. I am glad he is across the pond.


Dory and Liza said...

You have very cute friends!! Your friend Skipper is a particularly handsome Lab!!

It's nice to have friends - I like to visit my furry friends, cause it's kinda lonely being the "only dog".

Happy day - Dory