Friday, 25 May 2007

A sofa built for two

No bicycles. But this sofa is definitely a two seater. And us lurcher boys are just really good friends. Honest.


Sparky said...

Nice picture! Could it be suited for 3? Like, If a nice, small chocolate brown poodle cross joins you? :) Hehe


nm said...

Um, that would be okay for one basset.

I want my own lurcher!

Kyre. said...

Ko wants a lurcher too. Or even two lurchers.

We have multiple couches.

Jackson said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog. Nice to meet you all. I'm a rescue dog too! Life is much merrier with a second hand fox terrier! J x

Lorenza said...

I love that picture. Sure you look very comfy!
Have a nice weekend

General Jackson said...

I remember surfing that sofa. Really comfy but I don't think that there would be room for three of us now!

Thanks for the tug.



wally said...

Awwwww. Very sweet. Sometimes my sissy and I snuggle like that but really it's just that we're fighting over who gets that space.


Sophie Brador said...

omg, this is so adorably cute that I can just hardly even stand it. I smell a best photo nomination coming on.

Bella said...

ohh soo cute - I love pictures of sleepy snuggly sight hounds.
Kuki thinks that looks perfect for her to snuggle too.
Is that a leather sofa? Don't the dogs try to chew it?


Bella said...

Hi KuBrin & family
you have been tagged - go to my blog to find out