Tuesday, 1 May 2007

KuBrin IS big !!!

That blond dog is HUGE.

I mean - he's the kind of dog you walk into a pub with,
and folks exclaim "I thought I had a big dog"

(when they only have a widdle Doberman),

and "where's the saddle"
and "how much does he eat?".

You spend hours explaining to people planning to visit that you have a *large* dog and they say "yeah yeah yeah".

Then they arrive at the house and say:
"bloomin 'eck that's big."

Finn's mum will understand all of this!

OK - so going for a scale pic here.... this is KuBrin and the Dogfather.
The Dogfather is 6'2" - and KuBrin is slouching...

Of course - he likes to THINK he is a tiny puppy:

He can inhale Basset puppies in a single sniff.

AND he eats whole dog beds in one gulp, even if he's an idiot...

The Dogfather is planning on having more of these type of dogs in the future.
Alpha-B is not so sure. It may have something to do with some nasty injuries (details of which will not be disclosed for decorum's sake) and household damage inflicted by said canine "catastrophe in action".


Bella said...

hee hee he sure is big & has a big impact !!!!
People are funny aren't they - they all think they are so original, is that a pony or a horse, I hope he's eaten already etc.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

What a beauty. I love him. KuBrin of course. Kate

nm said...

Imagine what we could get off the counters if you lived here!

Donuts! Loaves of bread! Bisquits!

The chocolates are on top of the fridge, you think you can manage?

with awe,

Kyre. said...

I am so partial to big lugs. There is just something so tender about a beast so large being your best friend.

*kisses for KuBrin*

wally said...

My ma ape is a total size queen and LOVES big dogs. I think I would be that big. If only I had legs.


Angeerah said...

In the almost seven years that Finnegan has been with us, I still get slightly irritated at the comments.

By the way, do you put a saddle on Kubran? Ha. Ha. Ha.

Finnegan's Mom

Charlie said...

Many years ago, a wolfhound followed us home, and of course I was amazed at how big he was and how gentle; but what really impressed me was how athletic and agile he was -- I went to put our dogs in the backyard so I could go back and meet him and found him standing on top of the 6+ foot fence looking down at us!!