Monday, 14 May 2007

Rainy Sunday

Here is the evening news brought to you by KuBrin the newsreader:

It's been raining all day.
The humans did nothing all morning.
They are lazy.

Mind you, us dogs are none too keen on the rain so we're not TOO bothered, except in the afternoon they decided to do some brushing and nail clipping.

As compensation for the lack of outside activities and the grooming assault we were given chews.

I get the biggest chew, cos I am the biggest dog.

That pesky Tealeaf keeps trying to steal my chew.

I soon showed him the error of his ways and he retreated to the sofa to reconsider his position on my chew:

Later, some visiting humans popped round with their replacements. The replacement humans are not good at holding on to their scones and cakes so us dogs had to help with the cleanup.

Boots on the other paw just lay back and let his ears be tickled, he has no shame.

And finally, repeated use of the flashgun in-doors without 'bounce' may lead to some unfortunate results.

That was the evening news, brought to you in association with
'Canine Grapevine - news from the dogs, by the dogs, for the dogs' (tm).

All rights reserved, any resemblance to dogs living or dead is purely deliberate and designed for the maximum spoofiness and a larf.

No animals got treats during the production of this blog entry.


Finnegan said...

Excellent reporting! And lovely pictures.


nm said...

Excellent reporting, but did the replacements pull on any tails?

Kerrio said...

Replacements are very well trained and do not pull tails. Neither do the dogs grumble or complain (though looking resigned is permitted). KuBrin did do some replacement hairdressing. It's his forte, Wolfhound slobber makes fabulous hair gel.

Adelita said...

he he he :))) poooor guys !!!

Charlie said...

Good reporting, big guy! You know, if I was as big as you, I don't think I'd EVER have to have my nails clipped.
- Charlie

Marvin The Dog said...

hey they were such fun family pictures there!

and I like your reporting style!

love and licks from Braveheart Hound Marvin xxxxx