Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Prof Leaflet presents...

Prof Tea Leaflet esq BSc(Bones), PhD(og)
would like to present to the waiting world :

His patented, all rights reserved, acme, hound-o-matic...

Basset Enlargers !!!!

Basset Enlargers

These can be used at any time, day, or night,
to assist the intrepid (eh-hem) smaller dog, to get to those
hard-to-reach spots.

Kitchen worktops, cupboard shelves, even car roof-racks.

Nothing is safe if you have a pair of a pair of Professor Leaflets 'Basset Extenders' (c).

Choose from the basic range of wooden 'Basset Extenders'...


You may like to consider the deluxe automatic,
internally-sprung-titanium model

(good for the heavier BFBP up to and including 50 kilos, includes the optional safety hard hat with cat-fur-lined-ear-slots, all rights rescinded)

All currencies accepted by 'PawPal'

Optional Extras:

Stealth Infrared Night Goggles
Head Torch

Add this deluxe infrared sight head torch for those 'night-time excursions' into the kitchen.

Bonce Cap
Hard Hat

Depending on how well you balance - or - with the delux
automatic-internally-sprung-titanium model, you might consider this fabulous hard hat.

Adaptors available for Corgadors, Daschounds, etc, etc...

And remember -

You'll never look up at that Wolfhound again.


nm said...

do you take paypal?

Ernest the stymied

wally said...

Sweet! For those of us without freakishly long legs.


Kyre. said...

Hooray! Ernest must have those now!

If he doesn't order, be sure and bill me instead. I will save them for Christmas and surprise him.

Sophie Brador said...

Fabulous! I clicked the comment link wondering if Ernest and Wally had seen this yet, and there they are! Professor Leaflet, you are brilliant!

Prof. Leaflet said...

@ Ernest : You may be stymied, but at least you'd be TALL and stymied.

Sorry, we only accept 'PawPal'.

@ Wally : I knew I could rely on your custom. (The check is in the post.)

@ Kyre : Surely you know more 'short-arses' than just Ernest ? There is a discount for multiple orders (we can't give these things away fast enough !!!), and you'd save on shipping !

@ Sophie Brador : You are too kind... Is there anything else that the inventor-to-the-stars can supply you with ?