Sunday, 29 April 2007

Bum Shuffle

Help find the bum for the correct dog.

First prize ? Satisfaction of a job well done!

Head 1)                                                    Bum 1)

Head 2)                                                    Bum 2)

Head 3)                                                    Bum 3)

Head 4)                                                    Bum 4)

Head 5)                                                    Bum 5)

Head 6)                                                    Bum 6)

No animals were hurt in the production of this competition.
Any similarities to Lassie, Greyfriars Bobbie, Lady & the Tramp,
101 Dalmations, Mad Max's scruffy mut
and Snowy is purely co-incidental...


wally said...

Can we pick our favorites and mix and match?

I'm on the chat right now!!!


Capt. J. Harkness said...

I pick:

Head 1 - Bum 6
Head 2 - Bum 3
Head 3 - Bum 6 (as well)
Head 4 - Bum 5
Head 5 - Bum 2
Head 6 - Bum 1

Bum 4 is infact mine !!!

Do I get royalties for this ?

Capt Jack...

General Jackson said...

I have to declare an interest!

I have known both ends for a long time.



KuBrin Kaos said...

Dere Jackson,

That are OK but maybee you could of been ar cheekie-sod an chosen the wrong botties to match ther heads ?

(That would of thrown orff ther other conterstants...)

nm said...

I am tired now. I must rest up and then do this.

I am confused, where do you have sheep?

I want one!

ernest the magnificent

KuBrin Kaos said...

We have sheep in the field.

Sometimes we have lamb on the BBQ !

These two statements do not necessarily illustrate 'cause & effect'.


Bella said...

hee hee heee I ove this competition - very clever

h1 = b1
h2 = b4
h3 = b5
h4 = b2
h5 = none (but at a stretch b6)
h6 = b3

or something close to that

Katherine and Pippa said...

We are not playing this game. Oh no. For one, mistress is out of her tree as she has been doing paperwork all day (uh?). And two, we've worked it out. It's a trick question. So there. Pipps and Kate

PS Everyone else probably worked it out too - but we are slow off the mark today yawn zzzzzzzz - and we aren't meant to be blogging either. This is a paperwork break. Bsck to papers zzzzzzzz

Finnegan said...

I only care about head 6 and bum 3. And I think head 4 bum 3 reminds me of my bum.