Thursday, 28 June 2007

Blog probs

*bingly bop* we interrupt this blog to bring you a blog service announcement.

If you're having problems and can't see the pics at the moment, don't worry - neither can we.

It's raining rather alot in the UK at the moment and while we are safely on top of a hill, some of the internet companies are not.

Normal service will be restored once the server rooms have been drained.



Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Ahhh....that means I'll have two pictures in my blog when the server dries out then!

nm said...

use flickr to host your bloggie pictures.


ernest the slightly damp

Sophie Brador said...

Would this be an opportunity for the lurchers to get in a swim? Do lurchers swim?

Kerrio said...

AOJ - can I have some of what you are on please? ROFL

nm - funnily enough there was an MSN discussion about that very thing last night.....

Sophie - they CAN swim, but as they do not even like to put their paws in puddles it's not something they do often.... and frakly, living so close to the Thames I am quite releived.

nm said...

ernest is on flickr. he's a rock star.