Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Meggie-moo here:

Please ignore the fact that I'm having a bad hair day

And I'll get on with my update.

You've all met Marlowe before, he comes over occasionally and empties Tealeaf's toy box. He's that kind of dog, you know, throws all the other dog's toys around in the playground then pretends another dog did it.

Anyway the poor chap was sent to prison camp just down the road from us, so we organised a jail-break and liberated him yesterday. You'd think he'd be grateful. Well - he was. Only he has a little problem. This enormous, rough tough Bullmastiff who weighs even more than that blond wolfie lump is afraid of nothing, except...

the sky falling on his head.

I'm not kidding, he's too scared to go out in the garden:

So he hid under the table and looked worried:

Then figured if he hid his head in the toybox and the sky could not see him, he was safe.

Of course he might have a point, our sky is a bit full of stuff, in the last few days there have been a lot of these:

But KuBrin and Tealeaf usually go and sort them out.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Satuday was bone-day. The Dogfather had our undivided attention. And I was positively prancing (not bad for an old girl eh?) I DID try to take mine inside to chew on the comfort of my bed but for some reason the Dogfather shut the door. Spoilsport. But I did manage to sneak a couple in later when they were not looking. AlphaB removed 3 hidden bones from my bed in the evening. I need to work on my hiding techniques.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Why do toys live in a box? I thought they lived in dens. Someone gives you a toy, you politely take it to your den, and then get back to the interesting job of lying down doing nothing. IMHO.


PS Mistress says Marlowe is a beauty

wally said...

Poor Marlowe! I've been afraid to go into our backyard lately. What do we know that you don't? Think about it.


Finnegan said...

Hooray! A post from my girlfriend! My hair looks a bit disheveled too. No worries. You are still gorgous!

Marlowe is a handsome dog but he's scared of the outside? Poor guy. Maybe if he knew about the yummy bones he would reconsider

nm said...

Marlowe is a handsome chap. Meggie, you look beautiful!

My toys live in my cagey thing they use to incarcerate me when I bother them while they are trying to eat. They used to live in a box, but I chewed it up.

I love aircraft. I am becoming a plane spotter.

smooches to you,


Sophie Brador said...

I like that mastif fella. He's cute. I also love your hair all wild and crazy. Totally suits you! I wish I could do that with mine.

Sophie Brador said...

As his foster family from ago, I thought you might be interested to know that G.Jackson has a fan from another land ... and species!

Gomer & OPie said...

Hi Meggie-Moo! We like your new 'do. A mastiff afraid of the sky? Oh my, my, my.

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