Sunday, 10 June 2007


as the quietest, best behaved, least photographed (and possibly grumpiest (I take after AlphaB)) member of the SUMD pack, I spend a lot of time contemplating the turn of events that lead me to be part of a big (in size and numbers) dog family.

While perusing the web is search of insights to help me cope with this, I came across a blog by a dog named Spencer .

He is an only dog. He has a great life. He was going to be a movie star - but decided it was too much like hard work. I want to be an only dog and have a life like his .

On the other paw... life in the Tigh Gadhar pack does have SOME compensations.

I get to rat on the big dog.

I get to steal his bones:

I get to lead Tealeaf a merry chase:

(and beat him up occasionally)

And... I get to outrun them ALL!


Blue said...

That last photo is an amazing action shot... you can almost feel them racing towards you!

Pats to all

Marvin The Dog said...

I agree, the last picture is just amazing. It ought to be Photo of the Month on Dogs With Blogs!

love and licks Marvin xxxxx

Bella said...

wow super action chasey shot & glad you decided you like living with the pack.

Lorenza said...

I think that is good to be an only dog in the house, but sometimes I'd like to be part of a pack. You are luckie!
I like the action shot, its great!
Have a nice day

wally said...

Awesome photos. You guys are really poetry in motion.

Being an only dog is overrated. I have to have another dog around or I get separation anxiety. But then I'm also a jerk to other dogs.

Masochist? Or sadist?


Adelita said...

awwww !!! So beautiful shots !!!
a solitary dog is not happy ! :))

__ answer kerrio : I have nikon coolpix 8800 and just a little bit of PhotoShop


AOJ said...

You go girl!!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Oof, Cleo, I'm worn out watching you charging around.

You even eat a bone energetically.

But you are very elegant too. Sigh - another beautiful dog just too far away......


Finnegan said...

I agree with the above. That last photo is amazing. I feel like I might be run down by a might group of dogs any moment!


Finnegan & his mom

General Jackson said...

Looks good but you SUMDs do not take the time to view the scenery!

Short legged dogs appreciate the finer points of life.

Great Pics!! Just slow down a bit! It is no wonder you spend the rest of your time sleeping!


Spencer said...

It looks like your pack has a lot of fun! Great photos too! Thanks for the links...lots of belly rubs for everyone! Woof!

nm said...

You are an awsome force of nature. I would run after you forever, or at least until i got tired.