Monday, 25 June 2007

My Birthday Present

My girlfriend, Meg (not to be confused with the Meg that lives here, which is part of a strange tale of cyberstalking involving dog names, but we will save that one for another day) has sent me a belated birthday present.

Meg always sends me something for my birthday, and to express my gratitude I usually shred it immediately. It's a "Tealeaf" thing.

Anyway, this birthday pressy ALMOST got away, I had just grabbed the package and was preparing to rip it open:

When I was momentarily distracted and that Wolfie boy ran off with MY PRESENT!

He was so rough with it he actually bit a hole in my letter from Meg

While the humans tried to decipher the message (they are not good at reading dog) I snuck my present inside for a quick shredding.

AlphaB decided it would be nice to reassemble the frog so she took it away from me for repair, but I was not going to stand for anyone stealing MY present.

I like my frogs skinned. And this kept me happy for about an hour!

Thanks Meg!


wally said...

Awww. That's love.

Why do they make it so fun to pull the stuffing out?


Finnegan said...

Happy Birthday! That's some fast shreading. Wow.


P.S. I'm glad you are not stealing my Meggie.

Sophie Brador said...

Good work on that froggie. Apparently, you're now supposed to sautee the legs in some butter or something, but I say, just toss that butter at me and let's skip that whole culinary step.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

What a handsome dog - competing with KuBrin in the beautiful photo stakes I think tho?


Annebelle said...

Very well done on the frog! You are a master at frog-skinning. How are you at skinning squirrels?


Bella said...

excellent work on the Frog pressie - great that you managed to make it last an hr.

Ali (and Meg - Giver of Frog) said...

Ha ha! Tealeaf is that your record for destuffing gifts from your loved one? Did it even get to say "ribbit" I wonder?! Glad it kept you amused for an entire hour!

Hoping that your humans managed to decipher the note.

Meg says "Sew pleezed yew lyked yowr burfday frog. Luf Meg.xx"

For those who find reading 'dog' not very easy, read it outloud - but best not done in an open plan office ;-)