Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Happy Birthday Finnegan

Today is a special day, it is our friend Finnegan's birthday.

Cos he is a special wolfie boy like me I thought I would sing him a little song.
In the way that only wolfhounds can:

Damn... no sound...
Oh well - you will just have to imagine it.

Happy Birthday Finnegan. Hope you get spoiled rotten and are not wrongly accused of crimes you did not commit.



wally said...

If you sing very loudly perhaps we will be able to hear?


The DogFather said...

Don't worry, he did !!!


General Jackson said...

Happy Birthday Finnegan!

For a SUMD you look pretty good. How Old are you?

I hope they give you a big cake!

Birthday slobbers and drools


Finnegan said...

Thanks QB! I am awaiting my tasty cupcakes that my mommy will make when she gets home tonight!!!


Blue said...

I don't know Finnegan, but he looks a nice charactor who deserves his birthbay wishes.. Will go & check him out!
Ok, I'm slow, just realised, he's one of Kerio's....know where to go @ least!

Pats to you

Blue said...

Now, I've really lost the plot..
BUT am back on track... I think


The DogFather said...

@ Blue :

Dear Blue, Finnegan belongs to Finnegans mum who has nothing to do with KuBrin's mum, Cleo's mum, Boot's mum, TeaLeaf's mum or even Megan's mum. Finnegan's mum would in fact like to be Megan's mum, and if she could get away with it, TeaLeaf's mum too. But Finnegan's dad is unlikely to let Finnegan's mum get away with sneaking dog number 3 through the door - unlike Kubrin's dad who got into trouble when he suggested getting a few more dogs mainly to plug the drafty bits in the house. Finnegan is currently acting as KuBrin's defence lawyer in "the case of the empty kitchen bin" fiasco, and therefore, by extension, Finnegan can now be considered part of the extended Tigh Gadhar 'mob' and will be put up on a comfy sofa whenever he wants - at a moments notice. Cleo's mum, who is General Jackson's Dad's daughter does not think that that is a half bad idea.

The DogFather hopes that Finnegan's mum does not burn the cup cakes in the way that King Alfred did. Not that he has anything to do with Finnegan, KuBrin, TeaLeaf, Boots, Cleo, Megan (who is in luff with Finnegan), or even General Jackson.

Hope that clarified things for you.

DF ;-)

Turbo the Sibe said...

Happy birthday to wooooo!

Finnegan said...

Thanks for the clarification! Mommy would gladly take your gang but Daddy would disown her.

The cupcakes were delicious although my dad ate more than his fair share! I had -burp- a little too many -belch- and I am feeling a bit full this morning.