Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Deerhounds and Wolfhounds

There seems to be a little bit of confusion over the old wolfie/deerhound thing.
Marvin (the famous Hollow Hound) asked yesterday who is who so I thought I would just help clear things up.

I (that's me, Megan the empress) am a Scottish Deerhound:

We are tall, regal, elegant, fine boned and gorgeous.

Here's an excerpt from a description of a deerhound:

"The Deerhound is one of the most decorative of dogs, impressively stately and picturesque wherever he is seen, whether it be amid the surroundings of the baronial hall, reclining at luxurious length before the open hearth in the fitful light of the log fire that flickers, or out in the open, straining at the leash as he scents the dewy air, or gracefully bounding over the purple of his native hills. Grace and majesty are in his every movement and attitude.

I think you will agree, that's definitely me, especially the bit about the baronial hall. I always thought I should have ny own baronial hall.

KuBrin (the big blond lump) is an Irish Wolfhound (though I have to say I laughed at the "easy to train" and "very intelligent" bits. KuBrin has obviously not read the breed standard)

They are affectionate, huge, clumsy, goofy, have four left paws. Did I mention stupid? And for some strange reason this particular Wolfie does not like me sharing his dinner. Odd that.

The other three doggy denizens of the household are all lurchers - some sort of sighthound crossy thing. Of course the BEST lurchers are Deerhound crosses, naturally, but I don't think any of the these SUMDs have that honour. Still, can't have everything. We all have our crosses to bear.

They are not too bad for second hand hounds.

(Marvin - this picture was taken on the beach at Troon).


AOJ said...

Megan, you look like you're doing a bit of an Afghan impersonation in that first picture! Nothing like the wind in your fur though is there!?

wally said...

Clumsy, affectionate, goofy. That sounds like someone I know with a slightly lower profile (ME!) Good breed discussions. My sissy is a lurcher (probably). She runs like one.

I've read about how you all came to live in your happy home but how did your peeps decide on lurchers and big hounds? I'm not sure how we wound up with a lurcher--my ma ape generally likes us shorties and/or guys with BIG HEADS (I fill both bills).


Katherine and Pippa, said...

What brill pics. If you weren't already nominated for photo of month I would nominate all of them. And regal KuBrin too on previous post.

And Wally's photos are always brill - even if he is always eating (had to put this in because I so like Sissy and I don't want to offend him).


Dory and Liza said...

COOL - Thanks for the little explaination, especially about the term "lurcher" - my silly human thought it meant you counter surfed!!

I thinkg the breeds are pretty much like the people. My scottish human cousins are tall and regal looking and my irish human cousins are all over the place and fun to hang with. Like dog like human!!

Have a great day - Dory

Sophie Brador said...

I want a lurcher just because I love that name. But I was beginning to think lurchers were an actual breed. Is a lurcher really just a mixed breed? Does that mean I'm a lurcher? That would be so amazingly cool that I am barkless.

Annebelle said...

I love your blog!! You are the biggest dogs I have ever seen. I have been lurking about for a while, but thought I would stop and say "Hello" this time. You all look like you have so much fun together! My own pack is rather small, Me, Zoe, and a cat (We don't even dignify him with a name).

Stop by and say Hi.

nm said...

I have to stay that no matter what they are. I am in love with each and everyone of them.

I agree with katherine that these are some of the greatest pictures I have seen a while.

Lorenza said...

Hi, friend.
Yes, thanks for the explanation because I was a little bit confused too!
I like all your pictures!
Have a good night

Spencer said...

Don't be too hard on your hound-mates Megan! Lovely picture of you with the wind blowing through your hair! Great photos all around!

Charlie said...

Plus Megan looks like a deer and KuBrin looks like a big wolf, QED!
- Charlie