Sunday, 3 June 2007

He Came Home

The Dogfather got home on friday evening after being away ALL week.
What's more important than staying home with us??? I've no idea.

Anyway - we were VERY pleased to see him.

I thought if I sit on him I might be able to stop him going away again. But at some point I will have to get off to go eat dinner. Hmmm.

KuBrin's plan is to eat him instead of dinner, that way he can't go away again.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Or alternatively, DF could get off the sofa (clearly neither big enough for him or KuBrin) and there would be more space for Tealeaf. And maybe Boots too.

That would be my POA (plan of action not price on application...).


General Jackson said...

Perhaps it is the thought of being eaten by Lurchers and Wolf Hounds which keeps Dogfather away?

I would just slobber over his feet! Much more friendly!

General Jackson said...

On second viewing: Why oh why are they ignoring those delicious legs?
They really do look in need of Basset slobber and drool!

nm said...


Did he bring home a haggis?

Ernest waiting expectantly for one.

Finnegan said...

Hooray for DF coming home! If Kubrin sat on him, DF would definitely not be going any where.