Friday, 29 June 2007


There is a worrying trend happening here, my dad is away AGAIN this week. AlphaB had a chat with me today, and explained that for quite a while dad would be away and only be home at the weekends.

Now I've heard other dogs talk about this, apparently sometimes their humans split up and the daddies only get visitation rights at the weekend.

Mum... does this mean you and dad are getting divorced? Say it AIN'T SO! I can't LIVE without my dad!

Note from AlphaB - No QB, sometimes your dad does have to go to work, honest, it comes as a shock to him too.

Anyway - dad will be home tonight so I will check this with him, after I have given him a good boofing.


wally said...

Obviously the best thing here would be for him to quit for full-time boofing.


ps. I MUST learn to boof.

Finnegan said...

Poor Kubrin! It's not fair when our mommies and daddies go away. I think they should be required to stay home all day with us and cater to our every whim.


Sophie Brador said...

I can't stand it! YOu are so cute. I will come and rescue you from your broken home.

nm said...

Dear all,

Join the club. Ernest, who is learning that can be a good lap to fall asleep in.

I miss my TH mom!


Anonymous said...

I am Ernest's sister. My dad goes away all of the time. He is home now and says that he is retiring for good.

There is a pool to see how lone for good is!