Monday, 18 June 2007

Dog Friends

Most days when the Dogfather is home, and at the weekends too, we meet up with another two dogs for walks. Poppy is a greyhound and Lester is a lurcher. They live together and come over to visit quite often.

In the old days I liked to show Poppy who was boss, but now she is older and wiser she knows not to run into me.

However, on saturday we caught up with them in our favourite dog walking spot. Put two clumsy dogs in a large open field. And see what happens next.

Unfortunately AlphaB did not have the camera ready for the actual collision.

After deciding that neither Poppy nor KuBrin were mortally wounded and could actually carry on, we got down to the serious business of exercising the rabbits in the woods.


That's Lester in front, followed by Tealeaf, KuBrin, Poppy and Boots.

I knew better than to chase a rabbit that had dived into the undergrowth 30 seconds before. I'm not stupid. Those other dogs are dorks.

Oh yes. And the wolfie is grumpy again, the Dogfather has disappeared for the week:

And last but not least... is it a Bird? Is it a plane? (with those ears it could be..)... No it's a Super-Basset. He's called Mac. Is that a super-mac? With fries?


Katherine and Pippa, said...

KuBrin may be looking grumpy, but how regally grumpy.


(Pippa doesn't understand grumpy)

General Jackson said...

It's OK QB just let your mind go blank!

It looks as if you are getting there.
Just takes a bit of practice.



Billy said...

That last picture of all of you is priceless!

Thank you for sharing you adventures:)

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Finnegan said...

Whoops! Glad the crash wasn't too bad. Kubrin does like regal. I mean he would look regal, after all, he is an Irish Wolfhound.


MJ's doghouse said...

whaqt a all looked liek you had fun running...did ya catch what you were looking for

wally said...

That's a lot of long leg in one place.

You're lucky I wasn't involved in the collision. My big head could take down a tank if necessary.


Marvin The Dog said...

I love your action pics! Is the last doggie an Irish wolf hound or a deer hound? I have a pal here called Freya who is a Deer hound, well she is a dear hound to me!

no that was not supposed to be a joke, just came out that way!

love and licks Marvin xxxx

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
Hope all of you are ok.
And yes, Kubrin looks grumpy!
Have a good night